Home Alone: 10 days as a sitting duck

Home Alone: 10 days as a sitting duck

Just as I was saying goodbye to financial domination, the perfect chance to enjoy my fetish arrived.

I will be home alone from today until 10th of February, making myself an easy sitting duck for Goddesses. The only issue is the lack of money… but I’m sure I will manage to spoil and be drained by some of them…in the end…isn’t this the reason a slave is for?

FeetGoddesss is surely the one I will spoil the most, as She is the one I want to buy a new pair of Louboutin’s for…again… with the help of my money.

Wish me luck guys..I’m going to need it.

4 thoughts on “Home Alone: 10 days as a sitting duck

  1. Good Luck Massi.

    Its always difficult to be alone home, when our Goddess is online. Thats my problem. So 10 days, look great . I am sure it will be an amazing time for you.
    Enjoy it, and maybey we will hear more about it, i am sure they will drain you well

  2. I have 28 more days — I’m exercising restraint — and trying to avoid the One I can’t stop thinking about.

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