Goodbye Financial Domination!

Goodbye Financial Domination!

Ok, I admit…title is a bit too drastic, but I do believe I’m going to face a quite long period of forced abstinence from Financial Domination, and the reason is quite simple.

No More Privacy

You see, when you have a special someone in your real life (a lovely wife, in my case), the times when you can actually be alone are always directly connected to her habits. If something changes, you may as well end up in a situation like the one I am now.

She has no work, meaning she’s always home. But that didn’t stop me from going online till now because she usually goes to bed way earlier than me. Late night was my “privacy time”, the moment of the day when I can be on my own and…well… make the usual damage to our family finances.

Unfortunately, this is changing. More often than not, she goes to bed VERY late, making it for me impossible to stay up after that (considering I need to wake up at 7 am for work). Will this be the end for me in Financial Domination? Probably not, as it’s in my nature… but I am quite sure it will put quite a big STOP on my spending.

Am I happy for this? Absolutely not. I’m actually kinda angry about this…but I doubt I can confront her with something like “hey, go to bed so I can wank and give our money to my Goddesses“…right?

9 thoughts on “Goodbye Financial Domination!

  1. Looks to me that she obviously knows what you are up to and quite sensibly not giving you many options.

  2. Hallo Massi. I dont think you or me anytime will stop our spending. Its soo much off our life, and i think its help us to relax after, and then be more for our family.
    I know to well your new problem, with wife to close. If you know how many time i not cut start a session with our Goddess because she was to near, and must say we need to do it when i am alone.
    Then you suddenly are alone, and glad you log on, and then they are offline. I have been sitting so many times, alone , and look after them, just to pay. Sometimes i have in desperation paid to some bad women, and regret it immidiately. Its not easy all time.
    But you can also be lucky as i was, some weeks ago. I was alone home 2 evenings, 1. evening no contact, but ok there was one more, and again here no contact. In a kind off desperation i write to OGD on skype, even she not was online. I just write Hallo Goddess, 5 min later she answared back, but was not planing go online, i told her i was alone. I have so many times write the different. Then she change her plans, dressed up, and in one hour she took 200. Thats was amazing.I thanks her so much to take time to me
    But as you can see its difficult now.

  3. I sympathize with your plight. My wife used to go to bed quite early, but since she retired in 2014 she has gradually gone to bed later and later. I have to be willing to take some risks that I would not have taken previously in order to have any contact with the women I want to spend money on.

    Last Thursday, I saw a tweet from Hypnosis Goddess that she would be online for a short time. She has not done hypnosis sessions for a year, so this was a special opportunity. I was really undecided about what to do. The argument in favor of calling her was that I was really craving her voice and the feeling I get when she hypnotizes me. The arguments against were (1) that my wife was still up and about and there was some risk she would come into the library while I was on the phone; and (2) I tend to spend a LOT of money on her once I’m under and she starts making suggestions about how good it will feel. After pacing about a bit, I swallowed the combination of ingredients I take when I want to be hypnotized deeply and called her.

    She laughed when she heard it was me. “How long were you able to resist before calling me?” she teased.
    There was a little social chat and then she put me into a very deep trance and I ended up sending her two large gift cards and a very significant amount of cash. It felt just as good as ever even after a year. I hope this comes up again, but not too frequently.

    1. I could NEVER love my Goddess the same way i love my wife. It’s a totally different thing, no way i could love my wife if she would be my goddess

      1. That complicates things. Perhaps you should just tribute your Goddesses? Just send them money. You know they deserve it. 😉

        1. Yes but that’s not the kind of slave i am. I get weak while on cam, otherwise i’m usually kinda strong and able to resist the temptation.
          Besides, just sending money without her ordering me while teasing me, doesn’t excite me at all… i’ll have to reduce the time i’m online, that’s all… and drastically reduce my chances to serve..

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