The Art Of Chasing Slaves

The Art Of Chasing Slaves

As you all can imagine, I often talk with other slaves about domination in general and about Goddesses. One of the things that always come up is: “damn I wish my Goddess would contact me now, and remind me how powerful She is”. That’s why I thought of writing about this..because hey… I love it as well!

First things first: being chased by your Goddess is TOTALLY different than being chased by a Goddess you’ve never met before.

A Goddess chasing an unknown slave is, basically, just looking for new slaves in the most pathetic way. Hint: this is WRONG and NO real Goddess will EVER do this. No one of the Goddesses I’ve ever served did this, …and certainly, I will never serve someone acting in such a pathetic way.

On the other hand, once a certain kind of “relationship” has been established, being chased at the right moment, in the right way, is exactly what we, slaves, always crave for.

The right way to be chased

Basically, it’s all a game of things like… often but not too often, sending pics but not all the time, in a sexy way but only every now and then, …in a few words? Something like a constant “tease and denial”.
A Goddess constantly showing the slave Her power, without giving him the impression that he actually matters to her. Making him know that he’s not forgotten, but that he might easily end up being like that if he stops doing what he’s supposed to do.
Because let’s face it: if the Goddess makes the slave feel he’s important for Her, he might end up losing interest. He will see her less powerful and start looking for other Goddesses.

There is a very thin line between feeling chased and feeling needed. Crossing that line might ruin the slave loyalty altogether.
Chasing him should also be done at different times of the day. I know this might sound stupid…but think about it. If the Goddess only gets in touch with her slave at a certain time of the day, the slave will start feeling “safe” during the rest of the day…and that should not happen. We need to always feel trapped, during the whole day. Receiving the casual message at work, for example, is always a huge turn on and, at the same time, a very scary thing: perfect chasing technique, basically.
Chasing should start slowly, increasing as the “relationship” goes on, as the intimacy increases…and as the ways to interact increase: first it could just skype, then it could be e-mail, WhatsApp…

Not all slaves deserve this

This is important, and I really can’t say this enough: only slaves that know their place and their role should have the privilege to be chased. Time wasters should never ever be contacted first by the Goddess (for obvious reasons), and even slaves that pay should start to be chased bit by bit as long as they keep spoiling the Goddess.
I really think being chased is a HUGE privilege, and only a few slaves actually deserve it.
That’s why I immediately wrote that only when a certain kind of “relationship” is in place, chasing should start.

Wrapping up

First of all, my words are not rules written in stone: this all just my opinion, and please feel free to write “this is bulls**t” in comments if you feel like it.
But one thing is true: being chased is part of all the most solid and longer Goddess/slave relationships. Because a chased slave is a slave that doesn’t escape, and because a Goddess that knows how to chase, is ALWAYS a truly powerful and dangerous Goddess.

What do you think?

8 thoughts on “The Art Of Chasing Slaves

  1. As (almost) always you are so right!
    And you managed again to find a subject to write about that’s on my mind a lot!
    So lucky are the few that are chased by a true Goddess
    Smartly manipulated into serving Her
    Always thinking of Her
    One single word or a clever emoticon is all it takes to erase all other thoughts from your mind and hurry to a computer to serve Her
    The power of a Mistress largely depends on her intelligence
    Yes Her beauty matters ofcourse
    Her face, Her body, the elegance of Her clothes and make up
    But in the end of the day it’s her manipulative kink mind that takes your breath and cash

  2. Hi. Just wanted to let you know that an instadomme has copy+pasted this and tried to pass it off as her own (!!!) on

    1. LOL… if you can, tell them all where it comes from. I’m not a member on…but i guess i should 🙂

  3. …wow, another privilege I don’t enjoy as a #Gentleman, never been “chased” after before. Must be nice when your favorite Dominatrix chases after you and surprises you with pics.

  4. hi. i see this was written quite some time ago, 2017… im currrently pursuing FinDom… and ive been taking notes (literally), following different FinDommes on twitter, making and posting content and trying to build a whole new following… I recently made a new twitter account as i hadnt been on it in so long and it is solely to promote myself build a following and find my slave(s). Ive been a Domme to a sub before, in person, but FinDom is new to me and i know it seems counterproductive to ask a slave for tips and advice, but with it taking so long to get somewhere and it feels like it is going nowhere, i dont want to give up on something when maybe i am doing something wrong or havent waited long enough or idk… do you still monitor this site and are you willing to help me out with some suggestions?

    1. Hi,
      of course I still monitor and update this site… although I wrote my last post about a month ago. Yeah, time is never enough to write 🙂
      I created a few pages on the site to help girls like you, I guess you could start from there:

      If you start from those two pages, you might have a better understanding or, at least, something to work on.
      Hope it helps 🙂

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