Miss Olivia’s new shoes

Miss Olivia’s new shoes

Since i saw a photo of Miss Olivia‘s new sandals, i can’t stop thinking about her. Well actually what made me think even more of Her is a comment she recently posted on this site, where She describes the way She would behave in a real time session with me:

“Let’s say I date him for a RT session… what makes you think I will whip him in public, when I plan in fact to tease the hell out of him and, at one moment, put my feet on nylons between his legs, make him cum in a public place while smiling like a devil… after a shoes shopping session?”

Now that….that is the exact descrption of a dream i’ve been having since i first talked to Her. And the amazing thing was that, once, She described me that situation without even me telling her about it…it’s like a special connection…i don’t know.


Then those sandals… i imagine her wearing them with tan nylons, among with a classy dress, perhaps a bit short (but not too much). How could any man resist? And if She would start removing one of them and dangle it a bit, while we are having a coffee in a public bar here in Florence…how could i not get instantly hard?

This is a dream i’ve been having since a long time… and of one thing i’m sure…as soon as She will tell me “i’m wearing those sandals“, i will go into her videochat.

By the way…seems like some of you don’t even know how to reach her…and moreover, fail in getting her attention. I can’t tell you how to do it, as many factors are involved, but i’m sure of two things you NEED to do:

  1. – Wait for her to come online and join her in videochat (here).
  2. – Show her that you are not a common wanker, but that you are a slave worth some attention…don’t be cheap.

I don’t think there is any need for me to tell you that you are “playing with fire” by visiting Her. If She decides you are worth her attention…She will drain you.

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