When beauty and elegance raped my wallet

When beauty and elegance raped my wallet

A few nights ago i had the bad luck (or good luck, it’s always hard to tell) to meet Mistress Sandra on messenger. At first She didn’t even show interest in me, actually ignoring my “hello”…but that was just because She was busy… after a few minutes… She just told me:

“You should come at my feet, i have new shoes tonight”

And well… how could i say not… She is beyond beautiful, and always has a great choice in clothing. That night She was wearing a fantastic blue top, black stockings and those superb, magnificient, shiny black high heel shoes. She left me breathless… i really didn’t know what was going on for a long time, while She was using all my fetishes against me…

As i think i said a while ago… it seems like i can’t be a loyal slave to just one Mistress…it seems i am always looking for troubles…and Mistress Sandra surely is a BIG trouble…

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