She pushed me back into the nightmare

She pushed me back into the nightmare

(Article originally posted on December 12th, 2012)

Life is unfair. Recently i noticed some improvements in my financial domination addiction, i thought i was keeping it under control: didn’t get the same excitement, didn’t get the same “need” to serve Goddesses… so yes, i was quite satisfied about it (even if still not happy, that’s a different story).

Then, today, One Great Diva showed up and pushed me back into the worst period of this nightmare. She didn’t show any sort of mercy, didn’t even care if i had troubles or whatever.

She contacted me on messenger, sent me this picture and just said:

“I’m online, move your ass”


How could i resist? How could ANYBODY resist? I didn’t. I went in, spent a fortune in cam, bought her a pair of shoes as She ordered, looked at her laughing about my weakness, stared at her incredible beauty, went offline when She said She was bored of me.

End of story. I spent a fortune and i am actually here getting excited while i write this. My nightmare starts again. Today.

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