Missing my Angel

Missing my Angel

It has been too long…really too long since i last spoke to my angel. I wrote about her a couple of times: She’s a sweet, gorgeous, intelligent and funny girl that, more than once, saved me from going online with one of the Mistresses here. Of course not for free, but still…she helped me a lot on slowing down a bit on my addiction.

I think it was the beginning of august when i last saw her…after that i’m sure she went on some sort of vacation. I saw she logged in a few times, and a few days ago she even messaged me during the day. But i was not at the computer, and when i came back (10 minutes later) i found just a message saying:


Last night she was online, and if you follow me on Twitter you know i wrote while i was waiting for her to be available…but time passed…and she didn’t become free…so i went to bed…still thinking about her…

When will i be able to spend some time with her again?

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