About my last session with Goddess Ishtar

About my last session with Goddess Ishtar

Last night i had an amazing time with Goddess Ishtar, so i thought of writing about Her. She is probably one of the Financial Domination Goddesses i’ve been serving for the longer time now, but each and everytime i am amazed by Her.

As i said many times i guess, in Financial Domination beauty is not everything. Of course it’s where everything starts from (for me at least), and there is no doubt that Goddess Ishtar is one beautiful Woman…but there is way more than that.

She is a smart Woman that easily understands your weaknesses and needs. Yes you’ve read it right: Needs. I was thinking about this while on cam with Her last night. She is not a Goddess playing just a part to get money, or acting as She doesn’t care about the slave in front of her. She will actually enslave you by giving you what you dream of (within her limits and rules of course): so if you are into nylon, feet and heels as i am… rest assured that every single minute you will spend with Her will be a dream come true for a fetishist of this kind.

And what she did last night was no exception: dressed in a beautiful piece of lingerie with matching stockings, high heels to die for and…her natural sex appeal. Those long hair, her beautiful face, the exciting look in her face. Everything was SO damn perfect that, as it always happens, i simply lost track of time and actually managed to close the session just because…She stopped it as she had to go somewhere else.

I had such a great time that decided to make a small video of it…hope you will enjoy it. But believe me…no recorded video can even get closer to the excitement of seeing her LIVE on cam.


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