She’s incredible, and i’m not the only one saying it

She’s incredible, and i’m not the only one saying it

If you follow this blog a bit, I guess you’ve noticed who’s the Goddess that totally took my soul lately: FeetGoddesss of course.

There are lots of reasons why i’m so amazed by Her, and beauty is just one of them. Not only She is most of the time in nylons, but the way She moves her toes is something i’ve never seen before. And we are talking about something like a decade looking at girls on camsites!

But the reason I’m writing this post is not to list all the reasons why I’m always enslaved by FeetGoddesss, and it’s not to just say how great she is. It’s because today I’ve read an article about Her on an Italian web magazine…and that made me feel just…happy. Why? Maybe because I’m glad more and more people will be able to know Her, and maybe become Her slaves as well…or maybe just because I’m so much into Her that any success she has, even if small, makes me feel happy.

The magazine I’m talking about is called “Donne In Collant” (women in pantyhose), and more or less weekly they review camgirls that use to wear pantyhose on cam. A few days ago they wrote about FeetGoddesss, and they also acknowledge what I too think: her feet and the way she moves them are incredible.

By the way, the article I’m talking about is this one (and yeah, it’s in italian):

4 thoughts on “She’s incredible, and i’m not the only one saying it

  1. Oh. Why can i not read Italien!! I must learn that language. I am on Camcontact( LarsDK2) and have been on her profil many times, but , maybey, to scared to contact her. But i think i must do next time, or maybey she write to me first to help me into her room

    1. Well, the article doesn’t say much other than listing all her great qualities in terms of how she dresses, how hot she is and how she’s clever with her feet… you can read more about her following my blog i think :-)))))
      Hope you’ll manage to serve Her….She’s worth it.

    2. You are right, she is so beautiful it might look scarry !
      But in fact she get an adorable personnality and is really attentive.
      My few sessions with hern were amazing, and a jump out of time. She is very clever, and i loved to talk with her. The time i was lucky to share with her was really a buble out of the time zone.

      I don’t know if she is the best, cuz i nearly know none except her, but for sure she is great !

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