Goddess Ishtar: the 1700$ session with Lars

Goddess Ishtar: the 1700$ session with Lars

Goddess Isthat: The 1700$ session with lars

I think Lars (from Denmark) has been one of the oldest readers of my blog, and one of those that add more comments and mail me from time to time. The other day he wrote to me about a session that he had… and it was so amazing that I decided to post it here (with his and Her consent). So here it is.

A few weeks ago, Goddess Ishtar posted some pictures of her in leather pants: you see, I love them as I get so weak when I see a woman wearing them!

I wrote Her, asking for permission to send a tribute (in my mind I thought about 500$ would have been ok) so that she would have shown it on her profile.

She answered sending me the picture of a luxury bag she wanted to buy: 1.000$. She knew I couldn’t say no, but I was still a bit scared of that amount.

We started a cam session of course, and I told her about those pictures in leather pants, and how much I loved them. Sure enough, she dressed like that: I knew I was in danger.

She got access to my computer via TeamViewer, she started taking money at the right time, making me more and more excited. After two hours and a half, she knew I wanted to cum so badly.

lars sent 1700$ to Goddess Ishtar

The she asked me “how much will you pay for my permission to cum?

I was totally out of my mind. I told her to take whatever she wanted, as long as I could cum. I came like never before at the same moment she pressed the “send” button for the last time.

That night she took 1.700$ from me. And I have no regrets whatsoever, it was the best time of my life.

So be careful… because Goddess Ishtar is online every day.

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4 thoughts on “Goddess Ishtar: the 1700$ session with Lars

  1. Thanks Messi. Yes, it was a great moment in my life. I feel she again show me the right way , and moved me to another level. I am glad you write about it, but most importen she like it too !!

    1. Thanks for your words Lars….and yeah…i wish i was Messi, but i’m just Massi :-))))

  2. Now she have used my money, and because she took 1700 from me, she cut buy a pair disugner leather pants. I am so glad and honoured over it. She look amazing in them

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