When she gets on your nerves

When she gets on your nerves

This is just a post to shake off the anger …so don’t expect anything wise or entertaining.

Why, why, WHY does she need to do the ONE thing that gets on my nerves? Even if I KEEP telling her I hate when she does it, when she says those things?

Who? My wife of course, who else? It’s basically a stupid thing, but it gets on my nerves and put me in an awful mood…so now I’m here, at comp around 2 am at night, without NO intention to go to sleep (Hell I’m too angry) or to do anything nasty… Yeah, because I’m even in a bad mood to go and worship Goddesses.

Why can’t she f**ing stop? Shit, i hate her when she goes on like this!!!!


7 thoughts on “When she gets on your nerves

  1. There is one thing that my wife does also that sends me into a rage. I hate to yell at her, but if I don’t she will do this thing constantly. When I yell at her about it, at least she doesn’t do it any more for a while.

    1. Can’t yell at her, i feel awful after i do it. It’s basically a stupid thing, but it surely ruined my mood last night.

  2. Sorry to hear about this! Hopefully you get over this soon. On a brighter note, your spending seems to be coming down this year, compared to previous years 🙂

    1. Yup…spending is a bit lower this year…can’t complain. Even if i don’t know what will happen now that I’ll be alone at home for 8 days…

  3. How about you use that money to make your wife a present who lives with you who has to bare you pathetic little loser for probably years now instead of throwing it away for lazy hookers?

    1. LOL here we are guys… here’s the genius of the day!
      Seems like you know NOTHING about:
      – Me
      – Financial Domination
      – My life
      – My wife
      – My earnings
      – My job
      – The way i treat my wife

      And STILL you wanted to give us your deep and wise insight. How cool is that.

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