Making Money in Financial Domination. Here’s how.

Making Money in Financial Domination. Here’s how.

The amount of “Goddesses Wannabe” is getting out of control. I get dozens of pathetic messages from “so called” Goddesses. And all these messages show is they have no clue about what it means to be a Goddess these days. And I DO hope some of them will actually read this…so see this as something like an open letter to goddesses wannabe.

Let me make it clear to you: You need to learn from the best Goddesses out there.

I’m not suggesting you COPY them of course (i hate copycats), but COME ON…if they are so successful if they have so much money if their name is everywhere… MAYBE they did something good?

And don’t start telling me they have been lucky or they are not as great as they want to show. If you do, you are being envious of their success.

Shut up and listen, I’m about to give you a tip that will make your life change for the best. What’s the tip? Keep reading.

So how do you copy the best ones out there? How do you know EXACTLY how they did it? Well, this is your lucky day!

One of them, the most famous Financial Dominatrix out there, decided to help you! She wrote a step by step guide on how to make money in Financial Domination! And guess what? What I always thought is actually the same she says.
You don’t LOOK for slaves, instead, you WORK HARD to make yourself noticed out there. THEN slaves will come to you.

The one I’m talking about is Ceara Lynch  (also producer of a movie about financial domination) and this is the guide she wrote:

How To Make Money as a Financial Dominatrix

Read it once, twice, as many times as you need to understand it. Because she wrote it after her personal experience, not out of nowhere. What she says there WORKS.

It’s as simple as that…amazing right? You need to work hard to be a successful financial dominatrix.
Or you can sit back on your royal ass, contact hundreds of potential slaves every day and earn a few hundred euros per week.
But didn’t you tell me, last time we spoke, that you are like the best out there?
Well…move your ass and show me that you are indeed the best.

11 thoughts on “Making Money in Financial Domination. Here’s how.

  1. I must say, that was a very ineterestering why to tell about finansiel domination. Its nearly science, with all the grafs and so on. I really like the way she told bout it, and explain it for new girls. It msut be time to join her homepage, and spend a little, she deserve it. Have she drained you Messi?

  2. She is great. I have just joimed her homepage, and her findom videos are fantastick. The way she act, the way she talk is amazing. And ofc it enden up i do what she say and send a tribut on 100. It was great. I will write her and say thanks for what she write

  3. I appreciate this post as a learning Findom. While I cannot say it was immensely helpful it was still quite useful on a few areas in which I still have some research to do. I suppose it may be little solace, but if nothing else you’ve reached at least one person with Ceara’s wisdom and it is duly appreciated.

    1. “wisdom” is the right word here. Lots of things She writes are full of wisdom. Glad you found it useful 🙂

  4. Excatly. She know so much about it, and i am impresse that she will use time to learn other about it.I have seen a lot off her videos off her, and i get more and more addicte to her. She is a amazing, and intelligent, know excatly how to tease us men

  5. Have see her videos for nearly 3 hours now. I am addicted to her, the way she act, the way she tease me, the way she say sedn a tribut, the way she say PAY. She is amazing, but how can i get in contact to her. Have send her a tribut on 100 USD , and after taht an e-mail, but i dont hear from here. Is there anybody who know what to do?.
    Maybey i even are lucky she read her. I must in contact with her. I need to pay here

  6. Great post! I recently found Her on IWC ( – highly recommended site btw!) and bought a hot clip where She demands cash as She humiliates, mocks, laughs and flips you off. Insanely HOT! Gotta buy some more and hopefully have a cam session with Her.

    I LOVE Her attitude. So bratty and dominating. Very real and not some fake attitude, pretending to be dominant just to earn quick money. Her attitude and Princess Breanna’s attitude are THE most brattiest and best ones I’ve ever come across.

    1. Thanks, Chris! glad you liked the post…and well… no doubts that she’s one of the best out there…if not THE best.

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