When you disappoint Your Goddess

When you disappoint Your Goddess


I doubt there is anything worst in the life of a slave than disappointing your Goddess. And i’m not talking about the fact of being lack of money and unable to spoil Her (all the Goddesses i always served are wise enough to understand this), but when you do (or don’t do) something she was expecting from you. When you misbehave. When you do something that, in a way, kinda hurts her or even make her believe you have been disrespectful.

And that’s what i did. I disappointed Her.

My punishment? The worst ever.

“You have time to think of what you did, i’ll let you know when you can crawl back to spoil me”

No chance to recover. Nothing to be done to make Her forgive me. She decided i have to stay away from Her for a while, and She will decide whenever i can come back to Her.

What a bad period for me…. first i lost my site, then i had to stop spending…now this. They say shit happens in life…but damn…this is way too much.

2 thoughts on “When you disappoint Your Goddess

  1. Sorry to hear about your mistake with one of your goddesses. It’s tough to take, but I’m sure you are going to get another chance. The problem is it’s probably going to cost you $$$.

  2. I can relate. I angered CarpeDiemxx, who weakens me instantly with her demanding attitude, amazing body, and exquisite taste in expensive designer leather and high boots. I went in to her room with little funds, and got the dreaded credit card failed to charge red text in camcontacts. She was angry and I have been afraid to go back. But…her new pics tempt me. I know if I go back, she will be rough on me, doubling her rate and then regularly raising her rate until I am broke and ruined. I am really tempted to jump off that cliff and eat dog food for a month for her. Even when I havent seen her recently, Im still wrapped around her finger….thinking of her constantly. Good luck.

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