What has changed?

What has changed?

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      Hi All,

      Is it me? Have things changed?

      Looking back a few years the ladies seemed to ‘get it’. Have they changed or have i?

      Sometimes i’m extremely reluctant to spend even a small amount. Especially when you get the “I want your money now” or “Get me a credit card” or “Sure, we’ll start after you send (any amount) tribute”.

      Some ladies are able to take crazy amounts when barely trying, they are seductive, subtle, charming and know the right buttons to press so that you’re left reeling by what you have done at the end of a session.

      Are they really so few and far between now? Or have i changed?

      It is easy to find ladies who want money but i’m finding it almost impossible to find ladies with any sort of intuition, allure or understanding of how to deal with men who actually have this fetish.

      In previous years my spending has fairly closely mirrored yours but lately it is very low indeed, which has its positives of course, are you finding similar frustrations?


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      Well I certainly recognise the “Instadommes” you describe, but there are more than enough sophisticated, elegant, and wallet-crushing dommes out there for my “budget”. Of course the very word “budget” is a misnomer because the best findommes take you way out of your comfort zone 🙂

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      It’s most probably caused by the MASSIVE amount of Goddesses AND slaves “Wannabe” out there. It has become more and more difficult to find the best Goddesses, and even when you do they receive so many stupid requests from slaves wannabe, that they can’t recognize you as a real slave… and probably they don’t spend enough time to know you because of that.

      In a few words, i think it’s due to the popularity our fetish gained recently.

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      Completely agree, the popularity of “findom” online has exploded during the past couple of years. I read somewhere it’s the fastest growing category on many of the popular porn tube sites.

      Because of this you have a lot of posers out there looking for easy money,etc.

      Time will filter out the wannabes


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      Filter out? Well… i hope… even if, believe me, the amount of wannabes contacting me daily is increasing…

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