New nightmare: 1.000$ in three days

New nightmare: 1.000$ in three days

I’m pretty sure some people, reading my latest post, will start thinking either that i’m a complete fool, or that i’m making things up. Well, none of the two is correct. I’m not a fool (or not completely one) and this is all damn real. I’m just a moneyslave…or better said, a “cam” moneyslave.

And now i have a new nightmare: GoddessFever.

I first went into Her room a few days ago, as i was curious because of her high price and no shots of her face in her gallery…i wanted to see who was behind that 5$ per minute price. And i was totally shocked when i went in.

She’s beyond beautiful, reminds me of a top model i can’t recall the name of (Claudia Schiffer perhaps?) and, to make things worst, she has a vivid imagination and totally knows how to describe the fantasy of the slave in front of Her. She kept me there telling me about a possible meeting, about things She would have make me done…and at the same time teasing me a bit…not too much…but just enough to keep me there.

Till now i spent about 1.000$ into her room…She’s a new nightmare as She’s often online and…each time i look back at her face…i just can’t stop myself from going here, inside her room, again…

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