The dumbest message i ever got

The dumbest message i ever got

Basically, i am no one… so i don’t really receive messages often from the “contact me” page here. But sometimes i do, usually from others sharing the same experience of me, writing me to exchange opinions or just talk. Other times i get messages from “dommes” that say “i’m the best bla bla bla spoil me” (and that’s just not what a domme should do)… but what i got yesterday… was surreal. So DUMB that i couldn’t even believe it was real.

So i get this message:

I don’t really know what all this crap is. All I know is that I’m a female and I want money for doing nothing. I’m a student who needs to pay off some things like books and all that.

At first i just thought this was a joke… wanted to ignore that…but i thought on answering, just to see if it could go on…

Good luck with your studies then

I thought it was over.. but then i even got another reply!

So you’re going to pay me?

How can you be SO dumb? Can you even read english? Can you even TRY to understand what is this all about???
I might not be the most intelligent person ever…but at least, before contacting someone, i try to read a bit more…i try to avoid looking like a complete IDIOT.

Oh well..what can i say…at least she put a smile on my face

2 thoughts on “The dumbest message i ever got

  1. I confess that I am having fun reading your speeches about people who contact you in a superficial and rude way.
    I see this a lot in online groups. But it’s really unfortunate. Many follow a meaningless pattern, not understanding the essence of the fetish. They act like most desperate people, not caring who is on the other side.

    1. “Not caring who is on the other side”…that is so right on spot. Obviously, I am not saying a Goddess should care that much about her slaves, but a bit of understanding of them and a less superficial approach would surely be beneficial for her, bringing her more success in the end.
      Thanks for your comment 🙂

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