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Got the worst Christmas email ever…

Got the worst Christmas email ever…

Well somehow… this morning i woke up and saw i had an e-mail… and it was from One Great Diva. For a moment i though it was a nice gesture, maybe a way to make things easier for me…then i opened it… there was one pic attached and all the e-mail said was:

“Spoil me. Today.”


It’s going to be a really expensive Christmas… i don’t think i’m the only one thinking that this pic is just… too much. I’ll be in her videochat soon… i actually can’t wait to be there.

She pushed me back into the nightmare

She pushed me back into the nightmare

(Article originally posted on December 12th, 2012)

Life is unfair. Recently i noticed some improvements in my financial domination addiction, i thought i was keeping it under control: didn’t get the same excitement, didn’t get the same “need” to serve Goddesses… so yes, i was quite satisfied about it (even if still not happy, that’s a different story).

Then, today, One Great Diva showed up and pushed me back into the worst period of this nightmare. She didn’t show any sort of mercy, didn’t even care if i had troubles or whatever.

She contacted me on messenger, sent me this picture and just said:

“I’m online, move your ass”


How could i resist? How could ANYBODY resist? I didn’t. I went in, spent a fortune in cam, bought her a pair of shoes as She ordered, looked at her laughing about my weakness, stared at her incredible beauty, went offline when She said She was bored of me.

End of story. I spent a fortune and i am actually here getting excited while i write this. My nightmare starts again. Today.

My Financial Domination fetish isn’t slowing down

My Financial Domination fetish isn’t slowing down

Seems like one month passed since i last wrote something here about my usual and, probably, never ending Financial Domination fetish…so why not putting down an update, more to remember myself how things are going than to anyone else.

My goddess asked me (ordered me) to remove all her videos i’ve ever shared online, and so i did it. I’ve actually found it kinda weird, as She was the one telling me at first that She was more than happy about them…but well, i suppose a slave can’t really judge a Goddess order, and surely i can’t if it comes from Her. Needless to say, i’ve been spending a LOT with her in October. Each time i see her, She looks more gorgeous and sexy to me…i don’t know why….but i’m sure if you ever visited Her, you’ll probably agree with me.

I’ve spent A LOT of time with One Great Diva too…actually, She is the one i’ve spent most of my time (and money) with. The reason is her new website: i’m a member of it and i can assure anyone reading this word that, if you join that site, you’ll be more and more addicted to her. In fact i’ve been sending her lots of tributes lately…something i rarely did in the past…

Then…the best thing happening to me: my dark angel is still around, and we’ve been spending some truly quality time together lately. Lots of talk, lots of laugh, a few teasing…and once she did the sweetest thing i can imagine.
One night i was feeling really, really, really depressed because of some problems with my wife… went into her chat just to say hello and telling her i wouldn’t have been around for long…and i left. A few seconds after she contacted me on messenger, asking what was wrong… And from there we had a nice and kinda long chat where she helped me A LOT in getting back in a really good mood…and she also sent me two pictures that really really helped my mood a lot. The sweet thing is that she did all of this like any friend would do. That’s what i really like about her: she’s herself, all the time. She doesn’t let me “cross the line” and be too close to her (i know nothing about her private life, in example) but still…she acts in a friendly and great way that makes it all so natural and great… of course, that fact that she’s one of the most beautiful and sexy girls i’ve ever seen helps a lot too…

In the end…October was a huge spending month for me…as i’ve spent about 2.500$ This isn’t getting any better, and the page where i keep track of the money i spend is starting to look like a serious problem…

OneGreatDiva now has her own paysite: more ways to fall into temptation

OneGreatDiva now has her own paysite: more ways to fall into temptation

In a way, i was expecting it. A beautiful star such as One Great Diva couldn’t keep letting people see her beautiful pictures and HD videos for free, it wasn’t right at all considering how many models have paysites without even deserving that.

So when the other day She posted this message on twitter, all i did was immediately go and see that playground (as She called it a few times afterwords).


And my God… it’s one of best looking sites i’ve ever seen. I’m not saying just because it’s Her site (even if, of course, that has a play into my opinion), but also because, even if i’m not a designer (far from that), i can see that it stands against many many other paysites.


Needless to say, i joined it immediately. Besides, compared to all the money i spend on Financial Domination in cam, those few euros didn’t look like a lot…and actually i was hoping they could have helped me reduce the need to see her live.

Nothing can be further from the truth. Since i’ve joined in, my addiction is actually growing. I visit it everyday just to see the site, look at the pics and praise Her beauty. I’ve already sent her a couple of tributes (as there are links reserved to members to do that) and i’m waiting anxiously for the first free cam show reserved to members that She will do.

I know some of you will now think “here’s a classic post made just to advertise Her”, but i swear this is not the case. I write what i feel writing in this blog, and One Great Diva (the one that made me a moneyslave) opening her own paysite is, for me, an event to remember and write about.

By the way…if you want to see it, here’s the address:

Safe from one Goddess but… One Great Diva is back

Safe from one Goddess but… One Great Diva is back

Just yesterday i wrote about GoddessFever, this new Goddess i visited that really made me feel like i’ve found yet another serious nightmare…but then, luckly, last night She made a couple of little “mistakes” that could help me stay away from her.

I believe most of Financial Domination, at least in my case, starts from a perfect attitude of the Goddess. I consider myself quite an intelligent person (yeah, those of you that don’t understand what financial domination is, will say i’m not) and therefore one Goddess, to get hold of me, has to always be more or less perfect. And i’m talking about attitude, not just beauty.

GoddessFever had been perfect the first night, a bit less in the second (when at one point she made some graphic things on cam that i don’t think a Goddess should ever do) and even less last night. At one point She described how She would have liked to cook me breakfast before i go to office, while wearing just a pair of nylon stockings.

This is a perfect image if we are talking about a sexy woman to date but…NOT for a Goddess to be served! Really…i kept thinking about it for the whole day today…and the more i thought of it, the less i felt the need to come back to visit GoddessFever. Great, isn’t it? One Goddess less to serve!

But… then… a few hours ago…i got an e-mail saying just this.

“Look at the picture attached to this e-mail then come and serve me.
I’m online.”

The picture is the one below…e-mail is from One Great Diva. My all time nightmare, the one that made me a moneyslave, the one that can make me Her moneyslave anytime She wants. In fact i couldn’t resist. I went in…and spent about 300$…for now.

But One Great Diva is back…and i’m serious danger.

Worst year ever

Worst year ever

So far this has been my worst year ever. Tonight i’ve updated the status page (here) and… in 2012 i so far spent about 5 thousand dollars in financial domination… never happened before.

So this fetish is getting stronger, even if i keep track of my steps in this blog. What does this mean? Recently i started considering the fact that i might even be “evil” somehow…but most probably…the truth is that…financial domination is part of myself, and i’ll never be able to exist without it…

And while i write these lines… One Great Diva and Miss Olivia are both online…this will never end.

About OneGreatDiva’s beautiful feet

About OneGreatDiva’s beautiful feet

I’m in danger. One Great Diva is online tonight, and She just posted the most wonderful pics of Her feet i’ve ever seen in her chatroom… i know… i know…tonight…i will fall again…

She’s every moneyslave’s nightmare

She’s every moneyslave’s nightmare

Yes, now i am totally sure that She could be the nightmare of every moneyslave around. Who? One Great Diva, of course.

The other night She took 200$ from me without even showing her cam. I don’t even know how She did it…but her words, the way She said them…were more than enough for my brain to go totally crazy: i sent her 200$.

Was it over? oh no, of course not. After that She said “ok, now come in just for a minute, i promise

But of course it wasn’t true…because She was dressed to kill. She had red high heels, black pantyhose and a short black dress. I was like a zombie, watching her, beautiful as ever, dressed as i’ve always dream, dangling her shoe in front of me.

And i spent even more while in video…i can’t even remember how much.

WARNING: OneGreatDiva is back!

WARNING: OneGreatDiva is back!

One Great Diva, The most dangerous Financial Domme i’ve ever met is back online, probably for a few weeks. She had another business going on, so she went offline since about the beginning of january and, although she was still around, i felt a bit safer.
But last night… She contacted me on messenger saying just:

“I’m back for a few weeks, be ready”

I didn’t even manage to reply to that…i was like in a shock… She’s back, and i’m sure She will rape my wallet soon….and i won’t be able to stop Her.

OneGreatDiva: is She gone?

OneGreatDiva: is She gone?

One Great Diva, my biggest nightmare in Financial Domination and money slavery, seems to be gone out of business. Her page looks offline, her profile is offline… but…i had a chance to talk to her and… She is out of business but not completely.

Last nght She told me that She is running a bigger and much more successful business, and She needs to be discreet about it…. but… She is always around….and We can contact her from her CamContacts page… because we all know…our money slavery problem with Her can’t be over if She is not around as much…

She is my Financial Domination Queen…and She will stay like that as long as She is reachable.