My interview with

My interview with

Ok this is starting to be a bit… awkward. I’m surely NOT used to so much attention… but if someone asks me to answer a few questions…why not? And so i did the same when Nick from wrote me about an interview.

It was published today, and you can read it here.

What do i think of the whole article? Well… honestly…nothing original or too deep, but surely a way better article than the classic “you are all a bunch of perverts that need help” type of article.

In the meanwhile… i’m more and more impressed by Jessy Princess Bernini, and it’s really pointless for me to hide that. She’s young, beautiful, smart, intelligent, funny and… absolutely NOT one of those “goddesses” that keep contacting a slave in order to make him go to serve them. She simply doesn’t care, she has way too many slaves…and i more or less have to stand in the queue and wait for my turn.

In the meanwhile…all i can do is keep dreaming on the fee photos she puts online… and wait for the time when she will finally allow me to see her again in video…

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