MsClassy took 900$ from my wallet

MsClassy took 900$ from my wallet

And so it happened. I knew it was going to, as I wrote a few days ago on this blog: MsClassy was going to rape my wallet, and it happened.

It was a few nights ago…all She had to do was telling me she was online and invite me (well, order me) to come in: I executed the order as I was really missing the view of her perfect arched feet in nylons… and there She was.

Wearing a short dress, pink high heels, and tan pantyhose…outstanding outfit. Moreover, she was in one of those nights when all she wants is to take money…and that’s why she immediately showed me the cash she got that day from another slave. Plenty of euros, I didn’t even manage to count them while she was waving them in front of me…it was so hypnotic…

This time she allowed me to see her on Skype…and boy it DOES make a big difference. Video quality is incredibly high there, and her beauty was shining even more…impossible to resist. I just looked at her for a long time…do not even know for how long..all I know is that She took 600$…and that 2 days after that, she took 300$ more just by telling me “hey, come in a second, I wanna show you something”. I made a short video of the first night…just to show you all how gorgeous and irresistible she was…

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