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Month: March 2012

Am i evil?

Am i evil?

Sometimes it just happens: i sit down and think. And that’s a problem, because when i think…usually big questions come up.

In my everyday life i consider myself a good husband, a good father (she’s not even 2 years old) and a clever and hard worker…but…that’s the problem. Can a man like that…end up with a fetish like mine? Spending all those money here, while i should instead save them for my daughter?

And lately…i’m not just craving to be financially abused by all those mistresses…..i started to crave meeting one of them…and, generally speaking, i come down to the conclusion that i….want to cheat on my wife. Not because i don’t love her, love doesn’t have to do anything with this…but she was my only woman till now…i feel the need to try something else…to taste some other women…

So here comes the question: Am i evil? It’s like i have two faces…the good one and the bad one… damn…as usual…i’m…confused.

About OneGreatDiva’s beautiful feet

About OneGreatDiva’s beautiful feet

I’m in danger. One Great Diva is online tonight, and She just posted the most wonderful pics of Her feet i’ve ever seen in her chatroom… i know… i know…tonight…i will fall again…

MsClassy is back, and She took 600$ from me

MsClassy is back, and She took 600$ from me

MsClassy is back, and i won’t be safe anymore from Her. I thought others were the highest danger for me, boy i was wrong.

After coming back from a vacation in Seychelles (4.000$ paid by Her slaves), last night MsClassy caught me on messenger and just said “tonight you will Pay for my new nylons”

Believe me, i tried to say no. Tried to resist. But..she first showed me what she wanted to buy…and even sent me the pictures of the nylons She was going to order. Actually, here’s the pics…so that you are warned: She will have these nylons in a couple of weeks.

After that She said:

“now you will come in and pay for them”.

I thought i was just going to go into her room and stay a while…to admire her legs and feet….i wasn’t really afraid….but… then… She started with her sexy looks, perfect feet, perfect dangling in some black high heel shoes…and even if She didn’t wear any nylons…i was unable to resist.

I ended up spending 400$ into her videochat…plus 200$ for her nylons… and She said She will come for more, as soon as those nylons will arrive… i’m in danger…now even more than ever.

MsClassy raped my wallet again

MsClassy raped my wallet again

MsClassy had been on vacation for a couple of weeks and, as it always happens, as soon as She got back and posted a few photos on her videochat page…i felt the need to see her….but i didn’t want to admit it to myself (and to Her).

It’s a thing i have with Goddesses…i don’t want to be the one asking to see them… i prefer them to order me to go and see them…it makes it all more exciting, it sets eachother role immediatly, as it should be.

So all i did was sending her a message saying how incredible those photos were. But instead of ignoring it or ordering me to come in, what She did was… laughing and saying

I Know what you want, but it won’t happen tonight!

So i just said goodnight…with a bit of sadness inside myself…but didn’t go offline.

After a few minutes that seemed hours to me, She sent me this message

Or maybe…mmmmm….

And silence. I didn’t know what to reply, didn’t know what to say… i just… remained there with my eyes fixed on the chat, hoping she would have said something else. Which She did, a few minutes later

Come into my room, NOW

Didn’t take me more than 5 seconds to enter…but i made the mistake to go into normal videochat, not one on one private chat. She immediatly noticed that and said “not in one on one? What’s this?” with a really upset face…so i followed her order and went into one on one.  As there is NO WAY i could say “no” to her looking like that and with that upset look…

She was wearing one of those pantyhose She bought while i was online, a few weeks ago (remember this post?)…and that made Her even more powerful over my brain… while She was crossing and uncrossing Her legs, my brain just got more and more blank… Her shoes also were just perfect, just so powerful…with a heel that was making me dream to be on that floor…

I spent a fortune that night, because after a while She also started to play with her credit card, running it all over her body… then she used her eyes to make me even more weak… i was sort of in an hypnosis status…i was happy, weak, vulnerable, unable to go anywhere… for a long, long, LONG time.

But…at one point i heard a noise…my wife was getting up. I don’t know how, but i managed to quickly close everything and she didn’t catch me…but… my need to have my wallet raped by MsClassy didn’t go away because what i really wanted was to remain there and keep looking…

I know…i know… soon i will see her online again…and again…i will comment her photos…hoping that MsClassy will decide to use my weakness against me…and show me the other pantyhose She bought…

I also made a short video from that night… because this time…She had audio turned on…and the noise of her heels was an incredible turn on for me…

When beauty and elegance raped my wallet

When beauty and elegance raped my wallet

A few nights ago i had the bad luck (or good luck, it’s always hard to tell) to meet Mistress Sandra on messenger. At first She didn’t even show interest in me, actually ignoring my “hello”…but that was just because She was busy… after a few minutes… She just told me:

“You should come at my feet, i have new shoes tonight”

And well… how could i say not… She is beyond beautiful, and always has a great choice in clothing. That night She was wearing a fantastic blue top, black stockings and those superb, magnificient, shiny black high heel shoes. She left me breathless… i really didn’t know what was going on for a long time, while She was using all my fetishes against me…

As i think i said a while ago… it seems like i can’t be a loyal slave to just one Mistress…it seems i am always looking for troubles…and Mistress Sandra surely is a BIG trouble…