Am i evil?

Am i evil?

Sometimes it just happens: i sit down and think. And that’s a problem, because when i think…usually big questions come up.

In my everyday life i consider myself a good husband, a good father (she’s not even 2 years old) and a clever and hard worker…but…that’s the problem. Can a man like that…end up with a fetish like mine? Spending all those money here, while i should instead save them for my daughter?

And lately…i’m not just craving to be financially abused by all those mistresses…..i started to crave meeting one of them…and, generally speaking, i come down to the conclusion that i….want to cheat on my wife. Not because i don’t love her, love doesn’t have to do anything with this…but she was my only woman till now…i feel the need to try something else…to taste some other women…

So here comes the question: Am i evil? It’s like i have two faces…the good one and the bad one… damn…as usual…i’m…confused.

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