When it’s closer… you finally open your eyes

When it’s closer… you finally open your eyes

It was getting closer and closer…it was going to happen, the moment i have been waiting for and dreaming of since months. Finally, i would have been able to experience a live, real life, moneyslavery session. During all those months i have been thinking of what it could have happened, making it like the perfect moment ever for me, as a moneyslave. Everything was perfect.


It was probably perfect only in my head. I wanted it to happen so badly, that i lost sight of a few things that were just not right. A few missing spots. A few “not so perfect” things. When the moment came, i just opened my eyes on these things…and decided that no, it was not going to happen. When it will happen, it will have to be perfect…at least in my head. I will do it when i won’t have any doubts on what i’m going to do.

And before you ask, no, it had nothing to do with the Goddess i was going to make it with. Only my fault, only in my head something just… did not “click”. Maybe it will happen in the future, maybe it won’t. But this time, it would have just been not right to do it.

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