What to do when your Goddess goes on holiday

What to do when your Goddess goes on holiday

It’s that time of the year again… summer. Holidays. Vacation. And the same question arises: What to do when Your Goddess goes on vacation and you are alone with your fantasies and sexual needs?

Go and serve someone else?


And it’s not wrong just because you won’t be loyal to Her (you all know i am not the most loyal slave)…but it’s wrong because it’s a waste of money.
Don’t let your sexual needs make you serve just…anyone. If you just can’t help it, at least try to spend a bit more time looking for someone else: look on twitter, look on your favorite camsite, look on my site (lol, i’m kidding)…but just don’t serve anyone just because you need to serve.

Trust me…i speak from experience. After you do it, you’ll feel like an idiot. A total, complete, unsatisfied, idiot.

So..choose carefully or…. why don’t you try to stay loyal?

Are you in this situation these days? I would be happy to hear your thoughs on this…feel free to leave a comment

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