Weakened by arched feet in nylons

Weakened by arched feet in nylons

I know I am a foot fetishist, I know I get crazy by feet in nylons… but the way an arched foot drives me crazy is, I swear, almost unnatural.

Last night I went in a room I’ve never been to before, as I do quite often recently, looking for new troubles, basically…and I found them.

I spent more than an hour in that room, I nearly told her everything for her to be able to find my personal Facebook account, I spent a lot…and the main thing that totally made me THAT weak was… the shape of her feet. Ok, she is gorgeous, has beautiful lips, has that attitude that also drives me quite crazy (making often that “I know you are going to fall for me” )…but for the most part if was that. She had beautifully arched feet as I rarely saw before, I actually think only MsClassy has arched feet as beautiful as the girl I saw last night!

Just one picture here…but I’m quite sure I’ll be able to post more in the near future…as at the moment…I really can’t wait to see her again, to let those feet bring me in troubles again…in the end…that’s what I’m looking for.

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