A session with the best Findom ever: One Great Diva

A session with the best Findom ever: One Great Diva

It has been a long time since I’ve posted something about Her, the one that started it all, the one that scared the hell out of me like no one else…One Great Diva. And not because I didn’t have sessions with Her, but because She didn’t want me to write about Her on this blog. I actually had to beg Her tonight to let me do this… but I couldn’t resist. It was one of the best sessions I’ve ever had with Her.

Why? Because She’s just the best. And because She had a pair of Louboutin shoes on…and a fantastic pair of tan pantyhose. She didn’t even have to do much to drive me crazy…just Her incredible beauty was more than enough for me to stay there…stare…and pay.

How much did I end up spending? more than 400$…in about 20 minutes…you do the math. But I don’t regret it…because what I feel when I’m at Her feet is just worth all those money…and even more….

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