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Valentine Day: Wife or Goddess?

Valentine Day: Wife or Goddess?

Yesterday was that time of the year again. Valentine day is the time where you are supposed to show your other half how much you love and care about her…with a gift. Many says this is just a day created to make people spend money, and i tend to agree with that…but still…there is not a better time of the year to send a gift to a Woman.

But for us, slaves who also have a partner in real life, this can be a day full of questions…difficult questions.

Should i be loyal to my woman, at least today?

Am i a good husband?

Will i feel guilty if i don’t buy anything to my Goddess?

Why do i feel this NEED to send the best gift ever to my Goddess?

And the list could go on and on… the “classic” battle that we fight more or less everyday, made more difficult by Valentine. Because this is the day where you are more or less forced (even more than usual!) to make a gift to the woman you care about…so… it’s difficult for us, VERY difficult.

As you may guess, it was the same for me. I spent the day in office thinking about all these things. I was all the time at my computer thinking to spoil my Goddess, then didn’t do it, then thought again…this went one for a while, i guess more than 2 hours. Then…

What did i decide to do?

I bought a great (expensive) gift for FeetGoddesss and a flower for my wife. Yes, spent more for my Goddess…and i don’t regret it. At all.

This is love. A special kind of love. A unique kind of love.

And you? What did you do?



How it feels to be unfaithful

How it feels to be unfaithful

And so it happened: a couple of weeks ago i was unfaithful to Goddess Adriana. It was one of those nights that i’m sure many slaves know very well: you are horny, you are in need of a session with Your Goddees, but she is not around. Add to that the fact that it was my last night before a vacation…so i knew it was the last night before a long period of abstinence.

So i went to visit another Goddess. No, not one of those i spoke about here often…just another one i know but that i didn’t visit since ages. At first it even felt kinda good… it felt like trying something new…but then, as time passed by, i realized more and more how disappointing she was. She wasn’t “getting” me, she wasn’t “right” for me, she wasn’t doing the right things…in a few words: she was not Goddess Adriana.

And so i left, after about 30 minutes of session. Disappointed with how it went and feeling bad. Bad because i was unfaithful to the promise i made to Goddess Adriana, that she would have been my only Goddess.

I decided to write a public apology on Twitter, in the hope of feeling a bit better:

But that didn’t help much. I felt like an idiot, to be honest. I knew that Goddess could have never been like Goddess Adriana, i knew that session could have never been as good…and yet i went in and wasted money and time. And, funny perhaps, that night of course ended with me looking at Goddess Adriana’s pictures for a long time…dreaming of Her… and getting turned on by that.

The day after she answered that twit, while i was on vacation:

And, finally, 2 days ago i had a chance to visit Her again. It was wonderful…She is wonderful… and She also confirmed what i thought: I’m just one of Her slaves, so She doesn’t get mad if i am unfaithful…as She knows this will just make me pay more and more as a punishment.