How it feels to be unfaithful

How it feels to be unfaithful

And so it happened: a couple of weeks ago i was unfaithful to Goddess Adriana. It was one of those nights that i’m sure many slaves know very well: you are horny, you are in need of a session with Your Goddees, but she is not around. Add to that the fact that it was my last night before a vacation…so i knew it was the last night before a long period of abstinence.

So i went to visit another Goddess. No, not one of those i spoke about here often…just another one i know but that i didn’t visit since ages. At first it even felt kinda good… it felt like trying something new…but then, as time passed by, i realized more and more how disappointing she was. She wasn’t “getting” me, she wasn’t “right” for me, she wasn’t doing the right things…in a few words: she was not Goddess Adriana.

And so i left, after about 30 minutes of session. Disappointed with how it went and feeling bad. Bad because i was unfaithful to the promise i made to Goddess Adriana, that she would have been my only Goddess.

I decided to write a public apology on Twitter, in the hope of feeling a bit better:

But that didn’t help much. I felt like an idiot, to be honest. I knew that Goddess could have never been like Goddess Adriana, i knew that session could have never been as good…and yet i went in and wasted money and time. And, funny perhaps, that night of course ended with me looking at Goddess Adriana’s pictures for a long time…dreaming of Her… and getting turned on by that.

The day after she answered that twit, while i was on vacation:

And, finally, 2 days ago i had a chance to visit Her again. It was wonderful…She is wonderful… and She also confirmed what i thought: I’m just one of Her slaves, so She doesn’t get mad if i am unfaithful…as She knows this will just make me pay more and more as a punishment.

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