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I’ve got OneGreatDiva under my skin

I’ve got OneGreatDiva under my skin

In Italy we use to say “Far from the eyes, far from the heart“, meaning that when you don’t see someone for a long time, even your love or attraction for them fades away. It’s natural, there is nothing wrong with it: when you don’t see the source of your infatuation for a long time, you tend to focus your attention elsewhere.


In Financial Domination, usually, the same rule applies. You don’t see a Goddess for weeks, months…so you look elsewhere. And perhaps you don’t even think about that one anymore. Even if she shows up again, you’ve moved on, you are not interested anymore.

But I can’t get OneGreatDiva out of my mind

She was the one that made me a moneyslave, the first merciless Goddess that abused my weaknesses with no regrets, no limits. Like a hurricane she basically flipped over my entire life, making a man who thought he knew everything about himself discovering a world full of weaknessdevotionsubmission and, most of the time, fear

It’s no secret that, because of her countless business activities, OneGreatDiva isn’t online as often as she used to be. Weeks, even months can pass between one day that she’s online and the next one. But nothing ever changes in the way I feel for her

It’s like she’s under my skin, ready to control my actions and emotions at the snap of her fingers. Ready to exploit all my weaknesses in a matter of seconds. Ready to make feel that mixture of fear and desire as soon as she shows up. 

Merciless as She is, whenever She knows she’s going to be online, she makes sure to let me know. Or better said, to send me the order to spoil her. Exactly like she did just yesterday when she just wrote to me

“I’ll be online this week, get ready to be abused”

And now I’m here, writing this post while feeling the fear of seeing a message on my Skype, waiting to be drained in her chatroom, waiting to worship and spoil her while looking at her video as I did countless times, and as I will keep doing probably for as long as she will want me to. 

Take your chance, she’s online these days
As She told me, she is going to be online these few days. There is a special competition on the site she makes sessions on that allows her to earn even more money if we help her. I will be serving Her for sure, and you should do the same.
Her chatroom can be reached here. Don’t wast this chance, you never know when she can show up again

OneGreatDiva was here

OneGreatDiva was here

I never expected this could happen…but it did. One Great Diva decided to come here on my blog, and posted a comment on one of the articles.

This makes me feel honoured…but also, in a way, even more at risk than before. Because if i ever had some doubts, now i am sure that She reads this blog, She knows about this and She probably uses all the info i put here against me.

Is that scary? Yes it is…but also exciting. So… each time i will write here… i will know that She could maybe be reading it later… i’m sure i will.. shake while writing from now on.

The sitting duck

The sitting duck

Why do i always find myself doing this “sitting duck” sort of game?

I know everytime she contacts me, i can’t resist her… so when i see she’s online on messenger, i log in and stay there…not contacting her and telling myself “i’ll go in 20 minutes”.

Inside myself i know the excitement i get to be “on the edge”…but i also know i NEED to avoid her, to protect myself against her…

But yet… i play like a sitting duck…all the time…

I’m a loser: $254.80 spent tonight

I’m a loser: $254.80 spent tonight

Sucker, stupid, loser. That’s what i am. I’ve promised to myself to go to bed at 1:00 am tonight… instead i didn’t, and 5 minutes later WildStorm (Sheena) contacted me on messenger:

WildStorm (Sheena): hi
me: hello Goddess
WildStorm (Sheena): come in my room
me: i shouldn’t…i want to resist the temptation.
WildStorm (Sheena): you should..but i have my nylons on
WildStorm (Sheena): and i want you in, dog
WildStorm (Sheena): someone needs to lick my heels
me: i want to be strong…but God…. the thought of you…and my wife is not even home…i feel…defenseless…
WildStorm (Sheena): see, u know where to go now
me: yes my Goddess, i do

And that was it. I went into her room and remained there for nearly one hour and a half, staring at her beautiful teasing. I ended up spending $254.80 (logged into the Status page) and i completely exploded when she asked me to pay her $500 via PayPal, which i didn’t. Because i went offline after literally exploding.

I’m a stupid. I’m weak. I am not going to be strong enough to do what i’ve promised myself. This had been a really bad, bad, bad night for me.

Do i love my wife?

Do i love my wife?

This is a question i sometimes ask myself… the answer is not that difficult to give: yes, i totally love my wife.

Having submissive fantasies doesn’t mean that all you want from your life is to be submissive, or at least not in my case. Being totally addicted, hypnotized by a woman that knows exactly my fetishes and that uses them against my will is a big fantasy of mine, always was.. but it’s a fantasy. Something that excites me a lot, but not something i would experience in every minute of my life.

My wife is the woman i love, the only one i could ever love. She’s beautiful (really beautiful), smart, sexy, sweet, caring and… how do i put this… “weak”. It’s a bad word, but my English maybe doesn’t really help me here a lot. She’s not strong at all, i act with her almost as a mother sometimes, hugging her when she needs it, giving her suggestions.. being always there for her, always.

I’m with her the opposite i am in my fantasies. But in my fantasies, the woman that uses me is not the woman i love. Often she’s a boss in an office, a teacher in a classroom i go to, or just a woman trying to sell me something. The woman i dream of is strong, intelligent, sexy, classy..but not someone i could love.

My wife is my life, my Goddess is my erotic fantasy.

That’s exactly why my weakness is stronger when i am excited and alone… because those are the moments where i usually go (well, “went” as it won’t happen again) here, where it all started… on my favourite cam site.

Today i brought my wife to the airport: she’ll be away for 3 weeks (bureaucracy stuff). These 3 weeks will be the most difficult for me, as i will really be like a sitting duck for any Mistress that will decide to use my fetishes against me… the least i can do is to, at least, don’t go and look for them… won’t be easy though…