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My Financial Domination fetish isn’t slowing down

My Financial Domination fetish isn’t slowing down

Seems like one month passed since I last wrote something here about my usual and, probably, never-ending Financial Domination fetish…so why not putting down an update, more to remember myself how things are going than to anyone else.

My goddess asked me (ordered me) to remove all her videos I’ve ever shared online, and so I did it. I’ve actually found it kinda weird, as She was the one telling me at first that She was more than happy about them…but well, I suppose a slave can’t really judge a Goddess order, and surely I can’t if it comes from Her. Needless to say, I’ve been spending a LOT with her in October. Each time I see her, She looks more gorgeous and sexy to me… I don’t know why….but I’m sure if you ever visited Her, you’ll probably agree with me.

I’ve spent A LOT of time with One Great Diva too…actually, She is the one I’ve spent most of my time (and money) with. The reason is her new website: I’m a member of it and I can assure anyone reading this word that, if you join that site, you’ll be more and more addicted to her. In fact, I’ve been sending her lots of tributes lately…something I rarely did in the past…

Then…the best thing happening to me: my dark angel is still around, and we’ve been spending some truly quality time together lately. Lots of talks, lots of laughs, a few teasing…and once she did the sweetest thing I can imagine.
One night I was feeling really, really, really depressed because of some problems with my wife… went into her chat just to say hello and tell her I wouldn’t have been around for long…and I left. A few seconds after she contacted me on messenger, asking what was wrong… And from there we had a nice and kinda long chat where she helped me A LOT in getting back in a really good mood…and she also sent me two pictures that really really helped my mood a lot. The sweet thing is that she did all of this as any friend would do. That’s what I really like about her: she’s herself, all the time. She doesn’t let me “cross the line” and be too close to her (i know nothing about her private life, for example) but still…she acts in a friendly and great way that makes it all so natural and great… of course, that fact that she’s one of the most beautiful and sexy girls I’ve ever seen helps a lot too…

In the end…October was a huge spending month for me…as I’ve spent about 2.500$ This isn’t getting any better, and the page where I keep track of the money I spend is starting to look like a serious problem…

Saved by an Angel

Saved by an Angel

As i wrote a few days ago, lately i’ve been spending a lot of time with a new camgirl. She’s not a domme (or at least she’s not one…used to a while ago, long story), but she’s beautiful, funny, smart and intelligent: a girl i could spend hours with, a girl i could see myself going crazy for (but it won’t happen, believe it or not i DO care of my family).

So well, last night she acted as sort of an Angel, saving me from another wallet raping.

It was one of those nights when all i wanted was for one of the gorgeous goddesses here being online, so that i could let her dominate me…but none of them was online. So i had to feed my hunger somehow and, as it often happens, i ended up visiting a domme i’ve never visited before (this one, in case you are curious).

To my surprise, She was really good. Beautiful, strong, dressed to kill (black stockings, black high heels, short dress). She was doing everything perfect, and when She changed her nylons in some tan stockings, i was totally lost.

She was already at 5$ per minute, and ordered me to switch to private one one one (about 7$ a minute). There she finished putting on those tan nylons…and started being more and more demanding. Then…She ordered me to go out and come back in, she would have raised her price.

When she went offline to change price, i was shocked but more than ready to get in again.


I gave a quick look at who was online…and there She was. The Angel. I didn’t even think twice, i went in to see her, to talk to her.

As usual, it was a magnificient time. We just talked and laughed for about 1 hour, with a bit of teasing here and there, but nothing too strong. Just a fantastic time with a fantastic looking girl. It was great.

Yes, in the end i spent nearly 300$ with her as well…but i like to think last night She saved me from a bigger wallet raping…and surely she gave me a much better time.