Should a Mistress smile?

Should a Mistress smile?

Just random thoughts coming to my mind… during the many videosessions i made last year, one thing always brought me “down”: a natural, nice, cute smile of a Mistress.

I am not saying a Mistress should never smile, of course…who am i to say that? but during a session i think she should laugh yes, to humiliate the slave, but smile? No, never. Not even if the slave manages to do a nice joke, or if he keeps telling her how beautiful she is.

She is superior, she should expect to be worshipped, and instead of smile she should laugh at his slave or, if she doesn’t laugh, she should make a nasty smile, a “knowing” one…the classic smile that says “yes, you are mine now”.

Not many mistresses understand this, but when they do…that’s a winner over me… the first two coming to my mind now that totally understand and use this against their slaves are OneGreatDiva and another one: two of the mistresses i spent more on…of course…

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