It’s over

It’s over

I couldn’t take it anymore. I knew she was the only one i should rely on, the only one i should care of, the only one that could help me.

I didn’t sleep at all last night, thinking about her. So this morning… i phoned my wife.

I’ve asked her to go online while we were on the phone. Explained her how it all started, during last May. I told her how much i’ve spent last year, what i was trying to do this year and how bad things were going…. showed her this blog, my twitter, everything.

Then, when i’ve finished and asked her “so…i know i’ve hurted you, but i’m here asking for your help…please, try to forgive me”. She shouted at me, she cried, she told me i disappointed her totally, she told me how stupid i have been…i tried to tell her how much i do love her, how much i care about her, tried to show her i’ve always loved her all this time….she just kept screaming… understandably.

She wants me to go to a psychologist. She thinks i have some sort of problem… and i probably agree with her. I’ll do that. With her. She’s still away though and will be back in two weeks from now, but i will keep phoning her twice a day, or even more. I want her to feel how sorry i am, how i DO love her.

But this. This blog, this twitter, this facebook…this is all over. I won’t log in again. Just a few weeks ago we were planning to have a baby…and tha’t s where i want to go back. Back to us. Back to our life.

It’s over.

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