OneGreatDiva: the night that She made me a MoneySlave

OneGreatDiva: the night that She made me a MoneySlave

Till last may i didn’t really know anything about my money slavery… all i knew was that i found it fascinating. Yes, a woman using my fetishes to tease me, drive me crazy and obtain information or money from me was…fascinating. But i’ve never really thought to try it.

That is until 1st May 2009.

That night i came accross Goddess Alexandra profile on Camcontacts. As usual i first went to see the pics…and you can see from the few i post here (taken from my first videosession with her) that she’s gorgeous, sexy, sure of herself, dominant even with just a look. Then i went to read her profile… and a few things wrote there really hit my mind:

“I’m one of those maneaters you were warned about”
“I’m cerebral and stealthy”
“what I say goes”
”I’m a soft, classy, seductive, intelligent goddess that commands respect by taking it. I don’t have to yell at you to get it. “

So i decided to enter into her videochat. After 4 minutes, as soon as she started putting her stockings on, it happened. She ordered me to come into her 1on1 video…and i couldn’t say no. I just did it. And spent there half an hour… something i never did before.

But that night, when i left her, i knew i was under her control. I knew i would have come back. I knew she discovered something inside me that i didn’t even know existed before…i knew it was the beginning of something new… dangerous and exciting…

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