Money is meant to be spent, don’t hold back

Money is meant to be spent, don’t hold back

Money is meant to be spent. Don't hold back in Financial Domination

Everything about Financial Domination starts (and ends) with money. This is quite an obvious fact: we get excited when we pay the Domme, when she takes money from us or when she abuses our weaknesses to bring us in giving her more and more. The dilemma is always the same: how much should we spend?

Giving her everything

In a perfect financial domination relationship, the slave gives everything to his Goddess, leaving her all the control on what he can or cannot spend. If he can eat, if he can buy some clothes. Everything. But this is very rare, not many of us can commit to such a life. 

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Giving only what’s left

The opposite way is the safest one: you define a budget you are willing to spend and stick to it. With no exceptions. That way, you can perfectly live your financial domination relationship while still living a normal life. More often than not this starts as a good idea, and soon enough we fail to apply it. The urge to spend is too high, our self control too low. Moreover, this is also not exciting: the danger to spend too much is part of what we find exciting, let’s don’t deny it.

Always spend more than you planned

FeetGoddess perfect ass in pantyhose

It may look too risky perhaps, but this is probably the best way to live Financial Domination. Try to plan your expenses but…don’t hold back. If giving to your Goddess makes you feel good, by all means, go for it. There are people who spend thousands of euros on vacations, others spend it on sports cars, on clothes, shoes…so why can’t we spend a lot on what makes us feel better? Are there some risks in this? Sure there are, the same risks people take when they buy a new car which is far from a safe budget. But they still do. Because money is meant to be spent on things that make us feel good. Never hold back, go for it and you won’t have regrets.

And you? How do you live your financial domination? 

2 thoughts on “Money is meant to be spent, don’t hold back

  1. Hi Massi This is one off the best blogs you ever have made.
    I can say i live out all 3 excampels with Goddess Ishtar. Not at the same time , but show how our play can change, to great pleasure for both off us. I still remember first time we do the full control. She have full control over my account, if i wish to use any money i must ask for her permission. It ended up that i do all what i cut to save money. I feel i steel from her if i use any money.
    But one off the best if i am on my extra work. It can be outside, cold , raining and tired, speciel if its middle off the night. But that suffer and feeling are so great, knowing that all what i earn right now, will go to her luxury life. And that she right now lay in her bed and sleep
    Its importen in a long relationship to find new way to live it out.. As she say to get you deeper into findom.
    One thing i know, i have never regret , after a session, that she have get money, also if it ended up to be more then planed

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