It’s time to slow down

It’s time to slow down

I’ve waited a bit to write this post because I first wanted to see if I was on the right path if I was able to keep my word. So far so good, some would say, so here I am telling you all about my good intentions.

Things were out of control

Ever since I sort of “made peace” with an old friend of mine (hint: I started using the best cam site for a paypig again), my spendings on financial domination sessions have been skyrocketing. You can see it yourself here, just take a look at the last three months of 2020 and January 2021. I have been spending the same in the past, but since 2016 I have never spent so much for so many months in a row. 

That site “exposed” me to an endless list of temptations, and I just started to taste all of them, ending up spending way too much.

I don’t regret it

Let me be clear: I am happy about those months. I had so many great sessions (and yes, also wasted some money on some really bad ones) and, on top of that, I was lucky enough to find my new obsession. The one I had my last session with, at the very beginning of February. The one I wrote about hereUltimateGoddess.

So, again, I really have no reason to regret those months: but you know what I’m like, I always want to stay inside my balance. I never want my spendings on financial domination to end up hurting the people I love most, never want my sins to be the cause of some troubles in real life. 

What I am planning to do

Here’s the tough part: writing down what my plans are and…try to stick to them. I have never been good at keeping the promises I make here on this blog, I have never managed to keep even one of them. I mean, this blog started with “I am writing here as I hope it will help me to stop“…and that was 11 years ago… so I don’t really look like being good in keeping my promises. But let me try once again.

My plan is to drastically reduce my financial domination spendings (meaning, no spendings at all) for at least two months. I am writing this after one month since my last session, so it seems I’m on the right path to this…but I still have to go a long way. As you all know, this is easier to be said than done, temptations are everywhere and, let’s face it, spending less doesn’t bring any sort of pleasure but… I’ll try my best. I need to slow down a bit, can’t really go on spending that much every month. I have to find a way to resist the temptation. I’ll keep myself busy perhaps, I’m not sure yet.

As you can tell, I am not sure if I will succeed, but rest assured that you will be the first to know on the pages of this blog.

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7 thoughts on “It’s time to slow down

  1. I hope you succeed mate, getting rid of addictions is difficult. still.. what are you going to do after two months? get back to findom?

    1. Hey, thanks for your message.
      A couple of months should let my finances get back in good shape, after that, I hope I’ll be able to keep things under control as I did for years. What happened between November and January was caused by a few different things, that should not repeat themselves now. Or so I hope!

  2. Hi, Just wanted to say im in the same position You are, and helps me read about others struggling with the same problems. Jan, Feb, march I’ve spent around 25k on cc on dif dommes. 20k of them are credit cards and a loan. and same as u before i had years where I had good control over my spendings. I am just now starting to try to slow down, but hard to get back to the real world and face it.

    1. Hey, thanks for your comment. Slowing down is difficult, but from time to time we are kinda “forced” to do so of course.
      I’m sure we will start spending again…but slowing down a bit helps to stay in some sort of balance, I’m guessing.
      Good luck! 😊

  3. …as Richard M. Nixon once said; “I gotta get back into the arena”…not sure of the parallels drawn with Financial Domination and politics but…after a period of “slow roll”, I’m certain you’ll get back into the thick of things again. The one thing I’ve learned about Financial Domination is; the constant self-discipline that is required to enjoy your favorite Dominatrix(s). …sometimes a period of self-evaluation is also required. Never-the-less, as usual, great page!

  4. I’ve been a long term reader but I wasn’t much into cams – mostly because I couldn’t afford it, and I was very happy spending as much as I could on clips and tributing to Dommes directly etc.
    I guess I’ve had more money these last months, and honestly, although I have always marveled at the large amounts you have been spending, I’m starting to wonder how you kept it down so much!
    I spent $800 in one session recently, and $600 in another about 2 days prior to that. The rush of being controlled in real time by a gorgeous lady right there in front of me is so hard to resist but this month has seen my spending go through the roof, and I am going to have to swear off for a couple of months at least.
    Just wanted to comment, and commiserate and recognise how we are going through something similar.
    I wish you the very best.

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