Goddess Ishtar Hits Me Like A Lightning Bolt

Goddess Ishtar Hits Me Like A Lightning Bolt

There are some evenings, for a slave like me, where you just don’t want to serve anyone. You are not in the mood, maybe too concentrated on your life problems, or you are just too tired. Last night was one of those nights for me.

I had a long day at work, and was just casually browsing Facebook…wasting time, basically, and more or less getting ready to go to sleep.

But then I got a message.

“Me and my black pantyhose want to be served by you tonight.”

Just like that, out of the blue, Goddess Ishtar turned my night upside down.

You see… doesn’t matter if you are in the mood or if you are not: when Goddess Ishtar sends you a message like that, there is NO WAY you can avoid being turned on by it. There is NO WAY you can ignore it.

Obviously, I answered in the only possible way: “Yes Goddess“.

Being one of the busiest Goddesses around, it wasn’t before a good 30 minutes that She actually allowed me to see Her. During all that time I just kept staring at the screen, waiting for her order to crawl in. Like a puppy waiting for his owner, basically.

When she finally allowed me in, I was stunned by the way she looked. A short black leather dress, black pantyhose, black spike high heels…and her legendary beauty.

It was a magnificent, long and expensive session. One I will remember for a while. She kept me constantly on the edge for about 60 minutes, taking money as time went by. Always with that knowing, seductive, irresistible smile She has. Then, after such a long time, She decided to allow me to explode…after a count down from 10.
But I lasted only till 3 (to my embarrassment)..she was just too hot…too seducing…too teasing.

How much did I spend? Better if I don’t tell you. But it was totally worth it. Totally. And you know that if you want to try something similar…all you have to do is show Her that you are worth it by visiting her chatroom. It will be worth it, you can take my word on it.

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6 thoughts on “Goddess Ishtar Hits Me Like A Lightning Bolt

  1. So nice to hear you served her again. She is fantastick, and she deserve our money for all that pleasure she give us. Right now, she control me and my bankaccount, and amazing feeling

  2. She have already for long time ago hit me, and right now we dont have a short but intensive session, No, we have a long and nice session. Since 1. off september, she have get access to mu bankaccount, to my computer, with TV, and she even put me in Chastity. So i have sit and cut see how she was working on my computer, to find out more about me, my personel information, my weakness and so. It is such a good feeling to let her do it, to show her my secrets, i think we all have secrets. She have even been in, when i was at work, easy to find out, because ofc she took a little money from my account.
    She also put me in chastity, and i dont know when she will release me, maybey by the end off the month, so i dont have cum for one month Its feel good to let her take over , and let her control me.
    She also have access to my account, and i must ask her for permission if i wont to use any money. Here she is hard but fair, i ask for permission to use 33 euro for parking and food, i get access to use 26. I am a little proud i only use 3, i feel it was better she get them. I ahve not ask her for permission, to go to the cinema, or other amusement, or invite family out for dinner, or buy some cloths, i know she will say that was waste off money. So i have suffered for her the hole month, but there is a big reward by ending off the month, its look like she will get more then 2000 USD, for ofc she will empty myaccount by end off this month, ass she write she can use tem much better then i can
    It is one of the most extrem and exciting i ever have tryed, and i am so greatful, that she take her the time and show me the way deeper into financiel domination.

  3. Hallo Peter.
    Thanks for the nice words. Yes its have been amazing She just released me to day, the 1. off october, i think it was like a test off me, I have been locked 24/7 in excatly one month, hole september. Have not expected i cut so long time, but it succeded.I hope she is satisfied with me

  4. It was an unforgettable session. I especially enjoy dominating strong minded, creative slaves like you.
    Nothing turns me on more than seeing you at your weakest point.

    Every session with you is like playing chess. It is always a challenge, and
    I thrive on knowing that you embrace fearlessly the pain that you’ll experience at the end of a session because you have completely lost your ability to resist.

    My power corrupts, dominates and manipulates you making it impossible for you to stay away.

    Goddess Ishtar

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