Spot a Fake Goddess in a few easy steps!

Spot a Fake Goddess in a few easy steps!

Fake profiles are everywhere recently: fake Goddesses, fake slaves, fake friends…fake whatever! And what really puzzles me, is that it’s SO EASY to spot them and yet…many people seem to be trusting them! I mean come on… how can you trust a Goddess that’s using pictures from an Instagram Celebrity?

Oh wait…maybe this is the real problem: You don’t know how to spot them!

Let me help you… it’s VERY easy. All you need is laptop and Google Chrome.

Spot a Fake Goddess with Google Chrome

So, as I said, you’ll need to use Google Chrome. If you don’t have it, go and install it from here.
Now go on the profile that you want to verify, and use one of their pics. You don’t need to save it, you’ll just have to right click on it. To make a test, I’ve uploaded a pic on my Facebook Profile that you can use for practice: here it is.

If it’s not already opened in full screen, click on the picture. Now Right click on it.

You’ll see lots of options coming up, one of them being the magical… “search for this image on Google“. That’s the one you’ll want to click!

Chrome will use the Google Image Search option with that picture, loading up all pages that have it. If it’s a celebrity, or anyone already posted online, you’ll easily be able to get it.

Who’s the one in the pic in this case? An Italian celebrity, Maria Teresa Buccino. Of course, you can use this same “trick” on any site: Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, whatever.

Hope this helps…let’s fight those bastards using fake pictures to get money from slaves!


3 thoughts on “Spot a Fake Goddess in a few easy steps!

  1. I had to change some of my Google Chrome settings before your trick would work, but now it works fine and seems very useful.

    1. ops…sorry i thought it was from standard settings. What did you have to change? Glad it’s useful anyway! 🙂

  2. I would like to share a few more hints with you.
    Image search is a very good idea, most of the time it will work perfectly to spot stolen pictures. However it is not always the case.

    I show you an example, look at this profile:
    Looks like a findom fit girl with 1000+ follower and quite real pictures (no professional photo shootings, etc…), just average everyday pictures. Also there are pictures of slaves worshipping her images, looks even more real. You can search every pictures on google, I tried it, this won’t identify correctly the source of the pictures. So it seems they’re real.

    If you start a conversation, he/she (we don’t even know who is behind the profile) will just simply make you pay a small amount for skype id, and as soon as recognizes that you figured out it is a scam, just blocks you.

    A few more hints:
    1. That profile has relatively rare updates
    2. There’s no proof video, not even a pictures; real dommes usually have a clipstore on iwantclips or clips4sale and/or post proof videos / pictures to twitter; those picture show them and usually they hold a paper with their twitter id (handwriting)
    3. If you search for adrianaincharge nickname on twitter, you will find several posts, and some of them mentions the profile is a fake/scammer profile.
    4. Also a bit more search reveals that our scammer, AdrianaInCharge uses pictures of this real profile:

    Generally, a real domme has frequent updates, credible content, own clipstore, maybe profile on cam sites, etc… If a profile contains only pictures, even if they look realistic, that is always suspicious. Real dommes either do webcam shows or have clip stores and many of them offer real time sessions too. They have their own websites, not just twitter, insta profiles, etc…

    I hope this helps. One more thing, if you spot a fake, report them to twitter. If you find from where the pictures are stolen, send the original content owner a message, post a tweet, etc… Just a few minutes of effort, and you help a bit to clean the “cancer” from the otherwise amazing findom scene.

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