10 Years of Financial Domination

10 Years of Financial Domination

Today, 1st May of 2019, marks my first 10 years into Financial Domination.

10 years ago today, OneGreatDiva showed me what it means to be a moneyslave. She took out from me what probably has been hidden inside myself for a long, long time.

Had a session with Her for three nights in a row, and in each of them, She made me fall deeper and deeper into Financial Domination. It was a few months later that I decided to open this blog, believing it would help me stop and forget about it: boy I was wrong.

Financial Domination is a part of who I am, a quite big part. I can’t stay without it, as I would feel sad and unsatisfied otherwise. All I can do is try my best to keep it under control so that people I love around me don’t get affected.

And I am doing just about fine at the moment: finding a balance between my financial domination “needs” and my family ones. A balance I always stick to (with a few exceptions).

10 years in numbers

Another “fetish” of mine are statistics and data: I like to keep track of everything, including my Financial Domination experience. As you all know, on this page I keep track of all my spending but… how about some more data?

It has been now 3.652 days since I started in Financial Domination, and in all this time I had 1.557 online sessions, for a total of 34.392 minutes spent with those beautiful Goddesses.

As I’m guessing you all know, I had just one real-life session (this one with Goddess Ishtar of course) and I’m afraid I can’t tell you how much it really lasted…because She is so gorgeous that I totally lost track of time (and money…actually).

How many Goddesses did I serve? Well, it would be improper to say that I’ve really served all those I’ve paid a visit to (many times I visited them only once, and left unsatisfied)…but I can tell you that I visited 444 different Goddesses in these 10 years. And you all know which Goddesses I really served and spoiled for good, as I spoke about them over here.

And yes…there is one number I’ve left out so far. In the end, Financial Domination is (mostly) about spending money, and You all know I’m not shy to admit how much I spend. So I got the total from all my spendings.

In 10 years in Financial Domination, I’ve spent 174.137$

I don’t know if it’s too much or not, and I honestly don’t care. I know I didn’t make any harm to the people I love for this, I know I was a good moneyslave to many Goddesses, and I know I’m working my ass off in order to keep my Financial Domination fetish alive.

It has been 10 years, and I’m quite sure it won’t stop anytime soon. Financial Domination is a part of who I am.

Because I’m a moneyslave.

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7 thoughts on “10 Years of Financial Domination

  1. That’s an impressive summation of your experiences with financial domination. I’ve had some expensive months, but I don’t keep at it as steadily as you do. I also don’t keep track of my expenses. I’d be afraid to see how much I’ve spent since 1997. I hope it’s less than $174,000 but I don’t really know. Anyway, congratulations on this milestone.

    1. Yes, keeping track can be somehow scary…but I just can’t help it. I do keep track of everything important in my life…and Financial Domination surely is an important part of it.

  2. Hi Massi
    First at all gratulation with your 1o years anniversary.
    Yes finansiel domination will always be a part off you and my life.
    Thanks to OGD, for showing you the way into it.
    But most i will say thanks for your blog, and all our conversation. Without that i will never have accepted, that i am into Findom, and need this to have a better life. Its have helped me so much, to find my self, and enjoy it.
    Thanks you so much Massi. Best regards from Lars

    1. Thank you for your nice words Lars, I’m glad this blog helped You in being happy. And I’m guessing your happiness started when you discovered Goddess Ishtar thanks to this blog…and I’m glad you did, as I know how exceptional She is

  3. I started out the same way as, roughly the same time, with the same Findomme!
    I’ve been on and off, as I try to find the balance. By nature I’m extreme and very Gemini, so I can’t live very long in balance. I’m slightly burying my head in the sand about m spending, it’s very high when I’m under a Goddess’s spell (as I am now). I’ve learned a lot about myself over the years, through reading, writing, hypnotherapy and some deep, honest conversations with dommes while under their power.

    It seems that you’ve reached an acceptance and have found your modus vivendi. I’m still not there yet with it, after my own decade of this fetish.

    1. Thanks for your message.. Yes, I believe I did found my way of enjoying this and still have the life I want for myself and my family. I hope you’ll get there soon.

  4. That’s impressive and eye-opening. I’ve just started financial domination and trying to get my head around why I love it so much!

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