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What if your Goddess has a kid?

What if your Goddess has a kid?

I have to admit, i don’t consider myself an “easy to catch” slave, surely not an “easy to keep”. I have many reasons why i could suddenly stop feeling weak in front of a Goddess and today i am facing a new one that’s… making me think a lot about my “relationship” with a specific Goddess.


I won’t say her name, of course, but rest assured that She is someone i have NEVER spoke about in this blog, because I’ve actually met her just a week ago or so. She is absolutely gorgeous: brunette, long hair, slim, perfect legs and feet… and also a brain to fall for… in a few words, I’ve spent a lot with her and, even worst, i have been telling her lots of personal data…as I’ve never done before. So yes… i am totally into her…at the moment.

Last night we spent a long time together…even on Skype (and BOY…Skype makes it all so more REAL)… and it was magnificent. She took even more money and info from me… so I’m more and more weak for her…but then…today… i did what i always like to do (maybe it’s wrong)…i went searching for info about her online.

And I’ve found out she has a kid. Now…should this change anything on the way i feel for her? And if it does, why? She is still gorgeous, powerful, sexy, smart and everything else…but… but she has a family. She’s not “free“….. damn it i don’t even know how to explain this… but thinking about her as a mother, as a sweet mother… makes me feel WAY less weak thinking about her…is this wrong of me?

Don’t take me wrong, i am NOT saying she shouldn’t do what she does because she’s a mother, that’s absolutely NOT what i mean here….it’s how this makes me feel actually that is the question. Is the fact that all this make me feel less weak in front of her… it makes me see her more… human perhaps? Less dangerous? Maybe that’s it… the fact that she has a kid makes me think she is less dangerous… less “available”…less “free” of using the data i gave her…

I am sure i won’t be able to stop seeing her immediately…because when i say she is GORGEOUS, i really mean it…one of the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen…but i know…sooner or later…I’ll stop feeling weak in front of her…. and at that time…the next question will arise me… should i tell her the reason? Perhaps if i do…i could even still be close to her, even if not as a slave? She’s still a gorgeous woman… and hell…would still be great to make her teasing me from time to time…

…actually am i even making sense here?

New Year, new questions

New Year, new questions

It probably all started when i met Miss Olivia. Among other things, she really can enter your brain and well… explore it ar her will. And that’s what she did and she keeps doing. But doing so…she’s making me think a lot, really a lot.

Am i really a moneyslave? Or am i just attracted by something else? And if that’s the case…what’s this “something else”? Seduction power? Beauty? Or just a pair of feet in stockings or pantyhose?

How far would i go in a real life session, in presence of a Goddess? Would i be excited, scared or…pissed off? Would i be able to fully let myself go or…my real life situation and position would make me ignore my weaknesses?

And most of all… where is this blog going? Why did i really start it? Is it still useful to my cause? Or is my cause actually changing? And if so… how is it changing?

Shit…i’m really a mess tonight…let’s update the current status… that makes sense…i guess.