Please STOP these cheap Goddesses Wannabe

Please STOP these cheap Goddesses Wannabe

I am into financial domination sice a few years now (6, if i’m not wrong) and, in all this time, i have seen our fetish grow in popularity. These days, almost everyone who’s into any kind of fetish or involved in any kind of adult work speaks and knows about it. And that’s BAD.

Why is that bad, you might say?

Because now every girl thinks she can be a Financial Domination Domme…so she opens up a facebook or twitter account and, basically, starts saying the classic stupid things to everyone (you’re a loser bla bla, you know that cliche) at the same time posting pictures of her feet, her ass, her boobs.

And what happens next? She doesn’t earn as much money as she thought it would have been possible…she starts to realize that there are actually some GREAT goddesses out there, that knows their shit and that are taking all the slaves. She’s desperate. Her dream seems to be over. She needs to do something.

So what does she do? A PRICELIST. And actually the CHEAPEST fucking pricelist EVER.

20 Euros and i will be your owner, your goddess.

TWENTY euros for a findom cam show. TWENTY. Can it go lower than this? Having dozens of silly goddesses wannabe contacting me saying “i will be your Goddess” wasn’t enough to be mad…now even a fucking price list? I don’t know…what’s next? “I will give you 10 euros if you become my slave”?

I don’t know how…but please…please..we need to STOP THESE CHEAP GIRLS.

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