Financial Domination: hated, loved, studied… and here to stay.

Financial Domination: hated, loved, studied… and here to stay.

Guest post by Sonny

A few years ago we could have said that Financial Domination was the newest trend in the BDSM scene, but today things are radically different. Financial Domination is now a quite popular part of BDSM, even though many professional dommes still don’t consider it to be “proper” BDSM and, actually, insist to say it’s all just a big scam. But did Financial Domination change the BDSM scene? And how? Let’s find out.

A brief history of Financial Domination

What started as a few wealthy men hiring “submissive” women to give them cash gifts is now a multi-billion dollar industry, with thousands of women around the world doing this as a full-time job. As we have seen, the exact moment when Financial Domination started to be a thing is hard to identify. The late 1990s and early 2000s saw an increase in this phenomenon, with websites like My Path to Financial Domination gaining a large following. Around the 2010s, the scene had already changed noticeably. Forums like Fetlife were buzzing with discussions about Financial Domination and the number of women doing this as a profession was increasing. This is when it became clear that the phenomenon was here to stay.

How popular is Financial Domination today?

It’s still hard to say how long Financial Domination will last since it’s a fairly new trend in the BDSM scene. The most significant thing about BDSM is that it thrives on constant change and evolution, with people constantly trying to outdo themselves and come up with something new. But even though Financial Domination is still something new, it’s been around for long enough to change the face of BDSM. It has become a very popular part of the scene, with many submissive men making this their primary source of income. This is a clear sign that Financial Domination is here to stay and that it has become a significant part of the BDSM world. It has even become such a popular choice that some people have even called it the “new normal” of BDSM. It’s interesting to note that this is also the title of a book about Financial Domination and BDSM written by professional dominatrix and sex educator Princess Paris.

Why Financial Domination is so hated in the BDSM scene

As we have seen, BDSM is a pretty wild and controversial scene, with many people condemning it because they don’t understand it. But even so, it’s surprising that the Financial Domination part of BDSM is so hated. Because BDSM, in general, is supposed to be all about consent, communication, and mutual pleasure, abuse and exploitation are not supposed to be part of the scene. Things are especially tough for women dominating men financially, as, unfortunately, the world is full of men with toxic masculinity who are quick to say that being exploited by a woman is not BDSM at all. But why is it that men being exploited and abused by women are the only ones unable to see the beautiful BDSM relationship that is implied in all of this? Why are they the only ones who are unable to appreciate a woman’s desire to dominate them and to make them feel happy and satisfied as part of a consensual game? The answer is simple: toxic masculinity.

How BDSM changed because of Financial Domination

New trends are emerging all the time, and this keeps the scene interesting and exciting. But every now and then there’s a paradigm shift, and we find ourselves in a new world. And this is exactly what happened when Financial Domination became a significant part of BDSM. This wasn’t a mere trend or fad – it changed the very rules and principles of the BDSM scene. The number of women doing this as a profession grew so much that many men who used to get their pleasure by being submissive and serving their female dominants started receiving their pleasure and satisfaction from having their female paypigs give them money. And as we have seen, many people condemned this, claiming it to be a scam. But as all things in life, BDSM is dynamic and highly changeable. Even if there are a few scammers, most people are doing this as a part of their relationship, in which both partners get off on the act of domination and submission. And this is how the BDSM scene changes and evolves: with new trends, new fetishes, and new ways of enjoying sex and intimacy.

The future of Financial Domination

Many people condemn BDSM because they don’t understand it. We’ve already seen that it’s a pretty wild and controversial scene. But even so, it’s surprising that the Financial Domination part of BDSM is so hated. But as we’ve also seen, BDSM is dynamic and ever-changing, with new trends, fetishes, and ways of enjoying sex and intimacy emerging all the time. And as such, it’s unlikely that Financial Domination will ever go away completely. BDSM will always be there, and it will continue to evolve and change the face of society. And as long as two consenting adults are getting their pleasure from it, there is no reason to condemn BDSM and its many manifestations.

About the author
Sonny is a BDSM enthusiast who has been experiencing many different kinds of BDSM practices in his over 20 years of experience. He loves to go deeper into the understanding of fetishes, and from time to time enjoys writing about his passion. After he discovered, he offered to write some guests posts every now and then

3 thoughts on “Financial Domination: hated, loved, studied… and here to stay.

  1. While I do enjoy findom scene, I almost detest it at times. I doubt your line saying that most people are doing it as partners. I also doubt that most men doing it have huge wads of money and they go into this fetish as they don’t know what to do with it. Men who have money they don’t care about are unlikely to get a kick by giving it away. It is often a beautiful domme who has access to tens, if not hundred of pay pigs who are literally pigs to the slaughter as she desires. These pay pigs, however, do have a wife/partner, kids, commitments, which are actively degraded by the domme. There is no emotion or after care from the domme as that is part of the fetish. It ultimately leads to a world where a few exploit many, rich get richer and poor become downtrodden and go into debt. In a world full of rough sleeping men where suicide rates for men are close to 3 times for women, I don’t think blaming toxic masculinity for an exploitative fetish is the answer. If anything I feel sickened by the findom fetish and masculinity(u may call it toxic) is likely the only cure/way out of it. At least this is how I feel when I have post nut clarity , but then its a whiff of poppers again and I go down the rabbit hole till the next lucid interval. In fact even hating findom/relapsing becomes part of the fetish. That’s why its so addictive.

  2. You should be ashamed talking about toxing masculinity (therefore patriarchy) in your article while on the contrary our western societies are rather female centered. 98% of deaths during war are men, 92% of deaths during work are men, 75% of homeless are men, 72% of suicides are men, every 100 girls finishing school 80 boys finish it, for the exactly same crimes men are punished 3times as much as women etc. Toxic masculinity is a term invented by hard core feminists to spread their man hating word. PLease try to get inform about the real undermining character of feminist theory. Try the books of Baumeister or P. Bruckner.
    As for your remark that some men condemn dom women taking their money the explanation is much simpler. When they are not horny and excited, all the magik disappears, they are thinking straight and clear and they repent their money is gone. Until the circle begins again. I ts rather a moment of inner weakness than a negative value of some supposed toxicity.

    1. I really feel sorry for people like you, I really do. I wouldn’t even know where to start in correcting your endless list of incorrect, or painfully wrong conclusions. But I’m afraid it would be a total waste of time…so go on believing in these lies. I won’t be the one wasting my time to open your eyes.

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