About 4.000$ spent on financial domination

About 4.000$ spent on financial domination

Each time i update the page where i keep a log of the money spent on financial domination (here), i’m always well..surprised.

I keep saying i’d like to stop this financial domination fetish i have, i keep saying i should try a real life experience with a financial domination mistress…but then…i’m addicted to cam, that’s what i am.

In July and August, i spent nearly 4.000$ in financial domination, all in cam. Is it too much? No, because if it would be too much, i wouldn’t even be able to have a computer to type this article. Is it a lot? Yes, it is. It’s a lot and it’s causing me some financial troubles.

Again…the same question i keep asking myself since about 2 years now…

Will i ever be able to escape from financial domination?

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