A great Goddess values the sacrifice, not the amount

A great Goddess values the sacrifice, not the amount

Something that happened a few days ago, made me think about another reason why a Goddess is a real one or just someone who’s here for the money and nothing else.

I sent a not so high tribute to a Goddess (i admit it wasn’t high) because i’m in a somehow difficult situation at the moment…but that was ALL i could offer. It was a great sacrifice for me. Her answer made me reconsider Her as a Goddess…actually made me see Her as a not so powerful or smart Goddess. She basically insulted me, stating it was a way too low tribute and that i should have sent more in order to please Her.

Now… some of you could argue that it was correct of Her to do so, because maybe She can’t be open to like any slave, She can’t see value in everyone. But we are not thinking of a 5$ tribute here, it was still a somehow nice tribute. She could have reacted in many different ways…but the ways she reacted only showed me what she really is.

She is there ONLY because of the money

She doesn’t care about dominating men, She doesn’t give a damn f**k of being a Goddess. She only wants money. And that, to me, is a sign of weakness. It’s a sign that says “stay away from this one, She’s not worth it”.

As someone said once, there is a higher value in a slave giving away his last 10$ than in a rich one giving away 1000$ just because he owns them and doesn’t know what to do with them. A smart Goddess should recognize this and actually understand the real value of a tribute.

This one didn’t, and won’t see a tribute from me ever again. Did she lose something? I don’t know, but i certainly didn’t lose my time serving someone who’s not worth it.

4 thoughts on “A great Goddess values the sacrifice, not the amount

  1. I think, it is actually impossible to know whether they are in it for the money or not. Sure, this one sold herself as someone who sees value in the amount. However, some pay pigs are turned on by being insulted after giving out a tribute. So, maybe she was aiming for that.

    In all honesty, I think most of them are in it for the amount, whether they advertise themselves as so or not. I am curious as to why is it important to you that such Goddess recognizes “real value of a tribute”, rather than being clear on what she wants, which is as much money as she can get, and is willing to exploit us until we are bankrupt.

    PS: Glad I found this website as we have a lot in common. Will come by from time to time and see what other nonsense you can come up with! 😀

    1. Ehy, thanks for the comment and your nice words 🙂 I’m glad we are both on the same nonsense :-))

      Well…i wrote this under some sort of “rage”, so perhaps i didn’t explain myself well. Of course there is nothing wrong in being here for the money and money only, but there are different ways to aim that, and different ways to behave. She had no reason to say what she did, she could have instead tried to push my limits, to see what they really were… why insult me? A real Goddess is the one that also understands each slave is different…and it’s not like i’m one coming out of nowhere. A quick (very quick) check on my twitter would have shown her i’m a serious slave..no reason to behave like that. It was just too rush, too wrong, too childish (yes!) on her part. I’ve been spoiling goddesses since ages now, so if someone makes me react like that…believe me…she didn’t act as she should 🙂

  2. How does it feel to be in financial difficulty knowing that with just a bunch of the total savings spent all these years behind these “camgirls” all the current problems would simply not exist ?

    1. That’s nonsense. It would be like asking to someone how it would feel if, ages before, he wouldn’t have bought a car. I’ve spent those money because i felt the need to, and don’t regret any of that. I came to a point where i can let my fetish and my real life coexist in a good way, it’s not like i am in huge financial troubles now. Just have some big spending in the future that suggests the need to save a bit more for a while.

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