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Month: January 2014

So, is it blackmail now?

So, is it blackmail now?

Looks like something inside myself is changing, lately. I really thought financial domination would have been the deeper i could have fall regarding my fetishes, but recently i’ve started to be more and more fascinated by BlackMailing.

Blackmail is an act, often a crime, involving unjustified threats to make a gain or cause loss to another unless a demand is met [Wikipedia]

A few weeks ago i bought a Clips4Sale video from Lady Suzanne, but didn’t exactly do what she ordered in the video…most probably because it didn’t get too much into my brain (although she’s amazing, but that video probably wasn’t her best). I bought it and waited for something to happen. Of course nothing did, probably because she doesn’t get customer’s data when they buy their clips (or because it’s all just a game). But i was excited by that, i really was excited by the idea of a gorgeous and mean woman like her being able to track me down… scared and excited at the same time.

After that, i’ve started to play with the idea, started to give “hints” to the Goddesses i’ve visited online and, so far, always ended up either giving fake details (or partially fake), or just totally explode before giving them (when the Goddess was really, really good, as in some cases).


To be honest, a couple of years ago i had a (bad) experience about blackmail, but as soon as it started (and i didn’t want that to happen that time!) i blocked the involved Goddess in any possible ways and, after a while, i got out of it….but i really didn’t like it at that time, not at all! Even OneGreatDiva once started a bit of it…but being wise as She is, She stopped as soon as She saw my reaction.

So what now? Wasn’t i a moneyslave? What’s this blackmailing thing all about? Why should i be THAT excited to give someone else the ability to totally screw my life? And then…there is this teamviewer thing… but i will tell you about it another day… it’s late, i’m in office, and i’m supposed to be going home now…

TeamViewer: blackmailing in modern times

TeamViewer: blackmailing in modern times

I’ve been reading a lot about blackmailing, as i was (and still am) fascinated by this kind of thing..there’s literally tons and tons of articles to read online, and the more i read, the more i become more or less obsessed by the idea of letting a Goddess take control of the place where all my personal data information is stored: my personal laptop.

If you look on Google for “Teamviewer blackmail” you will find lots of results, and i’m sure more and more pages will come up in the future. Basically, Teamviewer is the best software around to offer remote help on a computer. The one in need of help just run the software, gives to the other person an ID and a password, and the other one can get the full control of that computer. You will see your mouse moving by itself, the other party will be able to work on your computer exactly as he/she would have been at your side…and, even more, you can actually see eachother in a videochat inside of it.


It’s easy to see why this has become the main tool for blackmailing these days. The slave doesn’t actually give informations to the Goddess, he doesn’t even answer questions or anything… as soon as the Goddess order him to give her TeamViewer ID and Password…that’s it. The slave is totally screwed. No way to hide informations from her, no way to give fake details. She has complete access to your entire digital life.

And that’s exactly the most scary and exciting part of it. That’s why, so far, i have never been able to do that last step… as soon as i start giving those details…i explode. The excitement is huge, my heart start beating faster and faster and…yeah..i come.

Needless to say, OneGreatDiva is the one that got closer to that to happen…because She is just amazing and incredible powerful…but even in Her case i wasn’t able to go all the way through… i’m scared. Teamviewer is here, on my computer (i use it daily for work!)… and i’m afraid sooner or later i’ll really be…screwed.

Update 11th February 2016

I’ve met another Goddess amazing in doing this…read more here


This is a repost of an old article. In September 2016 i had a server crash and all site content got lost, since then i’ve been trying to repost some of the old articles

Four years ago on this day…

Four years ago on this day…

Time surely goes fast. It seems yesterday that i’ve started this blog…instead it is four years now. And exactly four years ago i was writing my very first post.

It’s late at night…the usual time when my “slave needs” raise up..when my wife is asleep and the temptation to do something exciting is high. And this is where it will all begin: this blog.

Same old story. This will happen more and more after that day…and, as usual, i was also hoping to don’t do anything wrong…

“i won’t visit any of the gorgeous Mistresses there. I will just write this article and go to bed”

Yeah right…i bet… four years passed, and i still have to succeed on that. And then, at the end of the article, the sentence that really shows me how big my failure had been so far:

“the amount of money i will spend this year…that i hope will be less, much much less than last year… i would say a maximum of 500$ for the entire year

I will end up that month spending 200$…and that year spending a total of 9.000$. The rest is history…and in 2013 alone i’ve spent 22.000$ as shown here.

If there is any resolution i think i can try to keep…is the one i made to my angel (remember her?) just last night: i will try to post more this year, i will force myself to do so. Let’s say…a minimum of three articles a month. That’s a goal i can achieve…i hope.