The temptation to be drained was too high

The temptation to be drained was too high

I screwd it up big this time, i really did something that went in the total opposite direction of the my never ending dream “i’m gonna quit from moneyslavery”

Around 10 am in the morning, I got an instant message from MsClassy saying:

“Gonna drain you tonight, so get ready.”

Try to imagine… me working hard in office on a quite complicated software i’m developing…and out of the blue getting a message like that. I stared the screen unable to talk…while i was getting hard. Yes, i was. She didn’t say anything else, but i thought about it the whole day.


When I got back home… that’s when I screwed it up. I didn’t wait to see if I would have had a chance to be alone or not, instead, I faked to be too tired from work so that my wife would have agreed on a quiet early night. All I wanted, was to go to MsClassy videochat as soon as possible

We went to bed… I waited for her to fall asleep…then… I woke up and went immediately to the computer, almost as a zombie. I waited for MsClassy to be free…and then I let her drain me at 6$ a minute, while she was wearing superb tan stockings and high heel shoes.

It all lasted about 20 minutes…then i heard my wife gettig up and i had to run. How did i feel at that moment? Disappointed…quite angry with my wife.

Yes, this time i screwed it up big. And i’m not quite sure i am ever going to stop my financial slavery fetish.

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