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This time, shoes made me weak

This time, shoes made me weak

It’s always Her, Sheena. She’s the most dangerous of all the mistresses that are hitting me…she’s always online when i’m feeling weak, and she seems to have this sort of special power to always know what to show and how to show it in order to make me pay…and pay…and pay…

This time she made something that she never did before: she showed me lots of different kind of shoes, always modelling them and dangling them in front of me. That was almost hypnotic for me…i couldn’t resist…and when she ordered me to pay… i just did…as a robot…

She said i’m a cashcow

She said i’m a cashcow

How could i deny that? She raped my wallet once again. And this time her weapon was… a new webcam. It may seems nothing to you…but try to look at the video below and compare it with the previous videos i made. It does make a lot of difference. Because now She shines in all her beauty, in all her power.

And what could i think about the outfit she was wearing? A shiny shirt almost exploding, a short skirt, stockings, and new high heel shiny shoes…

No, there is NO WAY i will ever escape. I’m a cashcow, as she said. And she surely knows very well how to milk me.

And by the way…with this videochat i made what i didn’t want to make at the beginning of this blog: i spent more than what i’ve spent last year. Yes, as you can see in the Current Status page, till now i spent more than 2009…. in january i promised myself to spend just one thousand dollars…now i’m at ten thousand dollars.

I’m screwed…but i won’t stop…she is too much for me…i can’t stop visiting her…can’t.

My newest nightmare: MsClassy

My newest nightmare: MsClassy

I thought i had enough Mi$tre$$e$ to worry about, with Diva and others, but i was way wrong… seems like there was still space for something those two didn’t “hit”…

A few nights ago i was online, wandering if i would have been safe, as none of those two seemed to be online… i made the mistake to start browsing profiles here.. and then i saw her: MsClassy. From the pictures i immediatly saw her perfect feet… honestly, i had never ever seen such perfect feet in my entire life… i was like drooling on the screen… i had to go and see her live. Moreover because, at first, i didn’t see she was a Financial Mistress…so i thought to just go in and see her feet.

Boy i was wrong. She immediatly understood how feet make me weak…and she used them to hypnotize me and… rape my wallet. I spent more than an hour on her videochat, and those were not the only money i spent.

She has an incredible face that can move from angelic to evil in a second, and when she put her cam on the floor… i was just unable to go anywhere.

So yes… now i have another nightmare to worry about: MsClassy. She even gave me a video and ordered me to put it online…and i did it…of course.

Perhaps i should just give up

Perhaps i should just give up

August has been a hard month for me. I’ve been trying to stay away from Her, thinking in this way to actually..well…save money. But that didn’t actually happen.

I kept going to other mistresses on the sites i well know (the three listed here on the right) and well.. i ended up spending quite a lot (for my standards) and… not being satisfied at all.

She has something… something that really gets me. I don’t know if it’s the way she just doesn’t care a lot of me, the way she looks, the way she often ignores me while moving in ways that kill my brain… or just the fact that she knows what to show me in order to completely fuck up my brain.

I don’t know. All i know is that last night she contacted me on messenger and, after a while, i agreed to go and see her saying “i won’t stay long”.

That didn’t happen. I spend almost an hour there. She had a fantastic new pair of black stockings and an equally amazing pair of high heel black shoes that she could remove easily… she teased me for the whole hour but never talked to me.. i just couldn’t manage to go away… check the video below and tell me if you would have been able to…

She’s the one, i probably better start understanding this and avoid going looking for the same power somewhere else.

I should probably give up and understand  she owns me, no matter what i do to avoid this.

Trying to stop, once again

Trying to stop, once again

Sheena raped my wallet once again a few nights ago. I watched her in cam for a while, spending quite a lot and i almost sent her a tribute… i was just about to do it…when i managed to switch the computer off and, literally, run away.

I really think i need to stop now, can’t go on like this. I have a family to think about and i’m really spending too much money. So last night, when i saw her online, i was brave enough to contact her and face her. This is the short dialogue we had:

Me: The other night i run away. It’s getting out of control. You won’t see me for a while.
Shenna: Are you sure? No.
Me:Yes i am
Shenna: I won’t let you.
Me:I’ll stick to my decision this time
Shenna: I don’t agree
Me: It doesn’t matter really, goodbye
Shenna: You just make me laugh!

That was it. I just logged off and went to bed. Now… i’ll see if she will really try to stop me or if she won’t bother to. And if she attempts to use my weakness once again…well… i just hope i’ll be strong enough to resist…