She won… once again

She won… once again

Trying to resist her is starting to look pointless… once again i couldn’t take it anymore… i had to go back at her feet, i had to feel her power on me.

Almost a month ago i decided to block her on my messenger… but slowly, day after day, i felt the need to feel her power again…so i unblocked her… and she won again. She said “tonight i want you in my video”. Nothing else. I answered “no i won’t” but she didn’t even look at my answer, she knows her power…

And in fact, last night i waited 2 hours to see her coming online…and when she did i waited till she ordered me to go into her room… and that’s what i did.

This time she raped my wallet by 120$… but i know it’s not enough… because i will never win against her…she has me on her fingertips… because she knows how to drive me crazy in her videochat… as she did last night…

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