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Goddess Evee caught me again

Goddess Evee caught me again

Life is strange sometimes…or perhaps it’s just fate playing its game in the most surprising ways, I don’t know.

A few days ago I got a message here on the blog, coming from a Goddess i didn’t know (or at least I thought so). She wasn’t saying much actually…all She said was this:

I’m back, and you better run and serve me

The name used in the message didn’t ring any bell…so I answered in one of my usual nasty ways. You know I hate Goddesses coming up like this to slaves they don’t know… but then…. she answered sending me just this pic.


She didn’t say anything else. Just this awesome pic. But boy this got me big time…. you see, in a single picture, She managed to represent more or less everything that drives me crazy: a beautiful foot in reinforced nylons, a black pump with a silver heel, the foot slowly coming out of it.

But still…that name didn’t ring any bell. I had to know more. I had to know the owner of that foot. So I asked (kindly this time) her how I could see her… and that’s how it happened.

It was Goddess Evee, a fantastic Goddess I’ve been serving for a short period of time a while back. She then probably changed her schedule, because I didn’t see Her again….till now, that is.

I have to admit.. as soon as She sent me this link to her videochat, I immediately remembered VERY well the amazing time I’ve been spending with Her. It has always been a natural see…just like when you feel you have something “in common” with the Goddess You are serving… as if you were made to serve Her. And that didn’t change in time. I’ve spent a huge amount of money in the latest days with her…but it’s not like I can avoid that. She seems to know exactly what drives me crazy, and she seems to know how to play perfectly with that.

I can surely say that….she caught me again… and it looks like I won’t be able to escape easily anytime soon…

Goddess Ishtar: The irresistible tease

Goddess Ishtar: The irresistible tease

Slaves are not all the same in my opinion, and I believe the greatest Goddesses out there are those that understand their slaves more than the slaves understand themselves.

Goddess Ishtar is one of them: CLICK HERE to serve Her

By following her on socials (twitter mainly), I know for sure that She is not the same with everyone…but for everyone that dares to see her once, she becomes deadly addictive and irresistible.

With me, she understood in a matter of seconds (i swear) what drives me crazy and what makes me completely lose connection with reality and…with my brain (and that’s when She can make me pay any amount She wants).


For me it’s the teasing, it’s the use of nylons, of looks, of high heels, of shoeplay… it’s that kind of display that completely drives me nuts and takes my breath away. She knows that…and even if I’m seeing her for ages now, She always leaves me breathless and with my mouth open…not mentioning my wallet. Each time She allows me to see her in webcam (here), I end up spending a huge amount of money.

This video is a short sample of how beautiful and attractive She is…and how amazing her teasing is.

As I wrote on YouTube though, and as I always say… do NOT go into her videochat unless you are prepared to completely lose your mind and spend a fortune. You’ve been warned.

Click here and be Goddess Ishtar's moneyslave
MsClassy: you need to be brave to see Her

MsClassy: you need to be brave to see Her

I have been serving MsClassy for quite a long time now, not on a regular basis (scared of the consequences)… but constantly. Each and every time I see Her, I just can’t believe my eyes: She keeps getting more and more beautiful, more and more sensual…more and more dangerous.

And last time wasn’t an exception. She sent me a message saying “you have 5 minutes to get in my 1to1 videochat“. Just that, out of nowhere, after a long time since I’ve last seen her. I was alone, the wife was in bed…I had no escape.

In 3 minutes I was already waiting for Her to allow me in…when She did…i was once again amazed by Her. Those new Agent Provocateur stockings were absolutely stunning on her perfect feet, the way she looked into the camera could have melted the entire north pole in a matter of seconds….the moves she slowly made all the time dropped my resistance to the floor.

Yes, I ended up spending a lot…and NOT regretting it. Because when a marvelous Goddess as MsClassy allows You to see Her…you just do it, and enjoy each and every little second she gives You.

But only a few, brave slaves can actually get in her videochat and see Her…because, again, the consequences can be really tough. There is no escape if She decides so. You have been warned.

OneGreatDiva got new shoes

OneGreatDiva got new shoes

One Great Diva has, obviously, lots of moneyslaves…and it’s quite common for Her to receive stuff from them….well… yesterday She sent me two pictures of the shoes She just got…

I know why She sent them to me…She wants to rape my wallet again…. She wants to show me how great her power is…as if i didn’t know it already…

Looks like my financial domination fetish isn’t going to get weaker anytime soon…

Financial Domination: she brought me back

Financial Domination: she brought me back

Article originally posted on April 18th, 2011


It seems it was silly for me to even think Financial Domination could have been over… She brought me back into it with a…”virtual slap” i could say.

One Great Diva caught me online the other night… at first i was acting strong, well i was actually sure to be strong enough..but her attitude, her beauty, her power…made me fall all over again into Financial Domination.

She got 300$ in half an hour…and more via tributes… it’s like nothing has changed since she first made me a money slave, more than one year ago. I was so sure to be over it, to be able to control it…and then…here i am… made a money slave again by the one that brought me into Financial Domination at first: One Great Diva.