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Money slavery: here’s how I found my balance

Money slavery: here’s how I found my balance

As you probably all know, I’m a moneyslave for ages now (five? six? I lost count). At first, I tried to fight this fetish of mine. Let’s face it, this is probably one of the worst fetishes when it comes to its interference into your everyday life. You end up spending a lot of money that you could have been used in other ways (for your life, your family, whatever). So it’s obvious that i first tried to fight it, to end it, to stop it totally.

I failed. Tried again… and failed. Tried..and failed.

It’s in our nature, it’s what drives us crazy. Giving money to a gorgeous woman that uses her beauty to drive us crazy, to reduce our brain to a tiny little…ATM. Where she just pushes a button and gets whatever she wants. And we literally explode with pleasure when this happens.

Let’s face it: it’s impossible to stop being a moneyslave.

You can’t just listen Goddess Resha calling you a dog and asking you to bark without getting excited. While Goddess Kmy keeps crossing and uncrossing her legs, what can you do other than become like a zombie? And whenever MsClassy looks at you directly into your eyes, with her perfect face, telling you that she’s going to show her latest agent provocateur stockings…what else can you do other than pay, pay, pay for that? And don’t make me mention the most natural reaction to One Great Diva special attitude: she just needs to snap her fingers while looking at You as only Her can do…and you are doomed.

But again… every day we feel the same fear. What if this fetish takes over our lives, what if we can’t control it anymore, what if we really go totally broke?

After ages and ages of looking for a way out of this, I came to the conclusion that each of us, needs to find a balance between what we need in our everyday life slavery.

How can we find this balance?

Well, I don’t know about you…but I can tell you how I did it and how I think everyone should do it. The very first thing to do is put your everyday life as the MAIN thing to think about. And to do so…start this by masturbating and cumming…only AFTER that you’ll be able to focus on your everyday life…you know that better than me.

You need to find out how much money you really need each and every month, how much you will need for your future plans…just come out with a rough number, or with a few options. But please, DO NOT think about any Goddess at this moment. Log off from Twitter, Facebook, internet. Just focus on yourself.

After this…the hardest part. I don’t know about you…but I’m not rich. And when I did this “game”, I came out sad. Because from that number to my wage the distance was…almost none. I came out with “ok, I have 100$ a month for money slavery”….you can easily judge from my spendings that this is WAY far from what I need to spend as a moneyslave…. the only solution I had? Find another job. And that’s what I did. I am now working not less than 12 hours per day, but I can surely state that I found my balance. I let my earnings from this new job go to a new bank account I created, and it’s from there and only there that I take money for my financial domination fetish.

Is it a hard life? Maybe…but I am satisfied. I could never imagine completely stop giving money to those gorgeous women that use my fetishes in such a perfect way…and I’m more than happy to work more for this.

What about you? Did you find your balance?

A session with the best Findom ever: One Great Diva

A session with the best Findom ever: One Great Diva

It has been a long time since I’ve posted something about Her, the one that started it all, the one that scared the hell out of me like no one else…One Great Diva. And not because I didn’t have sessions with Her, but because She didn’t want me to write about Her on this blog. I actually had to beg Her tonight to let me do this… but I couldn’t resist. It was one of the best sessions I’ve ever had with Her.

Why? Because She’s just the best. And because She had a pair of Louboutin shoes on…and a fantastic pair of tan pantyhose. She didn’t even have to do much to drive me crazy…just Her incredible beauty was more than enough for me to stay there…stare…and pay.

How much did I end up spending? more than 400$…in about 20 minutes…you do the math. But I don’t regret it…because what I feel when I’m at Her feet is just worth all those money…and even more….

Goddess Adriana maxed out my Credit Card

Goddess Adriana maxed out my Credit Card

This is what happens when a slave stops using his brain…and just keeps staring at the screen for too long.
Goddess Adriana looked magnificent the other night and, moreover, she told me she was just about to leave for a vacation. So I knew I would have not been able to see Her for some days… and I forgot about the time that I was spending on Her videochat.

I spent all the money left on my credit card..and my account got blocked.

Do I regret it? No, the time spent with Her was amazing, it was all that I needed.

Here’s how much i’ve spent so far

Here’s how much i’ve spent so far

It has been nearly 3 months since i’ve last updated the page where i keep track of the money i spend on financial domination (this page)…and i guess it was because i KNEW this was NOT going well at all.

I’m spending way more than any other moment of my life…surely way more than when i’ve started this blog… i guess i will just have to give up to my fetish…and acknowledge the fact that i will never stop my financial domination fetish.

Ignored, hiding, falling, soon to be drained

Ignored, hiding, falling, soon to be drained

This is surely a peculiar (if not weird) period for me, that could be summarized by the title of this post: Ignored, hiding, falling and soon to be drained.


One of the Goddesses i’m mostly weak for, is ignoring me recently. I don’t blame her, as more than once i’ve been “exploding” just while she was asking to send a paypal tribute. Most probably She’s giving attention to slaves that are more worth than me, but the more She ignores me, the more i desire to be drained by Her again.


Yes, i’m hiding from my biggest nightmare: One Great Diva .
I know very well that She is the one capable to totally hypnotize me, completely make me weak and unable to do anything but what She orders me to do. That’s why i’m hiding from Her. After a few weeks She’s back online, and i keep looking at her pictures online but i’m making sure She doesn’t find me online…because i know that one word from Her is all i would need to fall again into her power.


This is peculiar. Recently i’ve been spending A LOT with a girl that’s not even a Mistress, even if She has her “dominant moments” (as she likes to call them). She’s gorgeous, she’s smart, funny, intelligent and very very open mindend. The woman i could easily fall for…she is maybe even more dangerous than the Goddesses, for my marriage. As i’ve always said, i could never leave my wife for a Goddess, i could never fall in love for a Mistress…but what about this girl? I’m lucky that, till now, she doesn’t want any kind of contact outside videochat…so in a way it’s all reduced to the videochat world…but still…i spent hours in private chat with her, and not at a cheap price…and many times she didn’t even tease me, just talked…and it felt really good.

Soon to be drained

This is going to happen VERY soon. MsClassy told me She’s waiting for a new pair of shoes, and as soon as She gets them, She will drain me. This is the kind of thing i can’t resist from: a Goddess chasing me, ordering me to serve her, ordering me to go and see her because She knows there’s something She will use to make me weak…and MsClassy totally knows how to make me weak…She does. And it will happen soon, maybe even tonight…or tomorrow.

So well…that’s it. I was just feeling like sharing what’s going on these days with this mess that is my life.