She maxed out my credit card with tan stockings

She maxed out my credit card with tan stockings

It happened again: Goddess Adriana maxed out my credit card. And this time She did it wearing some fantastic tan stockings.

She was looking magnificent as always…with that short black dress, black high heel sandals and those stockings…those tan stockings with black on top… looking so soft…so perfect…so classy.

I was there just mesmerized by the look of Her toes inside those nylons, by Her legs crossing and uncrossing in front of my eyes, by the look on Her face that was just demanding to be served.

I didn’t pay attention as the time was passing by, I didn’t look at the clock…at one point I just saw a message stating that my session had been closed because my credit card was maxed out. At that moment I realized…it happened again. I was without money…but happy…. satisfied….taken.

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