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MsClassy: when beauty speaks to your soul

MsClassy: when beauty speaks to your soul


One pic. One pic is enough to speak directly to my soul, to let my slave instincts awake, to let me visualize each and every session i had with Her in all this time. And that’s exactly what’s happening right now, as i’m looking at this pic from MsClassy.

Her feet into those fantastic sandals, her fantastic curves that made me dream so many times, her face so intense, so sure of Her beauty and power, so sure we will all fall to Her feet at a snap of Her fingers.

She is just the perfect image of a spoiled Goddess…as She is, of course. You look at this pic and all you can think is “I need to spoil Her, it’s my duty in life”. You can’t just see this pic and look away, you come back and look at it again and again, trying to understand why and how a single picture can inspire all these feelings in You. But you can’t. Because we can’t explain why we are slaves and why we feel the need to spoil a Goddess as Her. But we do.

Impossible to be calm and relaxed, impossible to control our actions, impossible to stop ourselves from spoiling her…and i surely know that, as soon as she will snap Her fingers, i will fall to Her feet with no chance to escape.

And i will be happy. The happiest slave on earth.


I look at these pictures…and stop thinking

I look at these pictures…and stop thinking

Sometimes… all i want is to stop thinking…and let the power of these Goddesses reduce me more or less like a zombie, unable to do anything else but submit and surrender… that’s what being a slave is like: you have a normal life, you have brain too…but then… you look at one of these pictures and something in your brain just… snaps.

And you stop thinking.

And then, as a thunder, Goddess Ishtar reminded me Her power

And then, as a thunder, Goddess Ishtar reminded me Her power

It’s Valentine today… and a good husband should be thinking only about his wife… but the thing is…i’m sick, and therefore i didn’t go to work. So i was home this morning…wife away for a couple of hours…and i saw… Goddess Ishtar online.

The temptation was too high…and i asked Her if i could go and see her… “for a bit” i said. Obviously, nothing stops until She says so… therefore we spent 1 hour together…she took about 300$ from me… and also took my brain with Her.

She was MAGNIFICIENT. Her teasing was too much to handle, Her orders were firm and at the right time…She was wearing a short (way short) red dress, tan pantyhose with NO panties and some of the most beautiful shoes i’ve ever seen. Black shiny peep toeswith a spike red heel…. i was like a zombie the whole time.

She kept teasing me more and more, driving me more and more crazy each minute…and always ordered me to stop rubbing my cock at the right time….then… my wife called me… Goddess Ishtar saw me talking to her on the phone… and i had to run….wife needed to meet me for something.

Usually i would have run away immediatly….but Goddess Ishtar told me “wait untill i say you can go”….and so i did. I didn’t care if my wife was waiting, i know Goddess Ishtar would have let me go in time…but i had to follow Her orders.

And so She did. She let me go after a short while…made me promise to don’t cum without Her permission (i didn’t manage to!)…and i left.

I am here, writing this article, and i still have Her strongly into my mind, very deep, very strong. Even when i met my wife i was like in trance….didn’t even act normally…she even told me “what’s wrong?”…

Yes, Goddess Ishtar today reminded me of Her power, Her huge power…and i want to end this article with a warning: don’t visit Her unless You are ready to face Her power….make your choice: this is her chatroom

There is NO ONE like OneGreatDiva

There is NO ONE like OneGreatDiva

If you follow this blog, most probably you are going to say now “Her? again? Oh come on!”….but that’s the way it is. I can’t define myself as a loyal slave, i keep visiting new Goddesses online…but Her, OneGreatDiva, just can’t be compared to anyone else.

It’s not only her beauty (which i don’t even need to speak about)…it’s Her attitude, Her brain. As i think i said many times, for me the domination starts in the brain. I am quite an intelligent person, and i don’t fall easily as it may seem reading this blog. Yes i can fall once or twice for someone just because of Her beauty but… to keep falling deeper and deeper, to keep acting like a puppet… She needs to be smarter than me, She needs to be wiser than me, She needs to be more intelligent than me.

And that’s Her. OneGreatDiva always knows how to push my limits, always knows my weaknesses, She seems to be able to read my mind, and knows in every single moment my limits. One time she will make me spend a lot (like a few nights ago, 850$ in videochat), another time she will just refuse to even accept me on cam… it’s like She knows how much i can spend each and every time… and when i’m not around… She knows how to “call me”…by just posting some pictures on Her Twitter account

This is a repost of an old article. In September 2016 i had a server crash and all site content got lost, since then i’ve been trying to repost some of the old articles

I am just a coward

I am just a coward

I need to face the reality. I will never have the balls to meet a financial domination Mistress in real. Never.

Why do i say this? Because yesterday, Goddess Ishtar, a gorgeous, smart, powerful Goddess i visit quite often online (although i’ve never talked about Her on this blog) told me She is going to be in Florence this weekend. Yes, in TWO DAYS she will be more or less 5 km far from where i work. And she didn’t hide the fact that She would have been ready to meet me….

But i am too scared. Too scare of losing control. Too scared of spending a real fortune. Too scared to do things i might regret in future. Too scared to live my fantasy in real. Too scared.

She knows way too well how to make me weak, She made it very clear that She would bring me shoe shopping. She made it very clear that Her goal is to be even more in control of the situation with me.

And i am just a big coward. I will not meet Her. And i will keep imaging how it would have been….

OneGreatDiva: the One that will always have me as Her slave

OneGreatDiva: the One that will always have me as Her slave

I am not going to state here that i’m a loyal slave, i know i am not. I jump from Goddess to Goddess, depending on my mood and my desire to be dominated. Often i just stop visit a certain Goddess because, at one point, She will do something that i consider “weak” or not what a Goddess should do… but there is one exception.

One Great Diva

Each and every time She got back online from some time off, i always ended up at her feet (well, not literally…i wish it would happen…). What’s the reason? She’s the real deal. She’s not playing a role, she’s not copying others, She’s not pretending to be whom She’s not. She just acts as She is, and She is a domme by nature.

Moreover…She just keeps getting more and more beautiful as time goes on. Today i checked her profile and saw a few of Her last pictures… breathtaking. Just breathtaking. Needless to say… i served Her today. I spoiled Her. As She deserves.

Because i am not a loyal slave, but i will always be One Great Diva slave. Always.

Here’s why my financial domination fetish isn’t slowing down

Here’s why my financial domination fetish isn’t slowing down

Just a few minutes ago (while “working” here in office) i decided to update the page with all the money i spend on financial domination and what i saw scared me, even if it didn’t actually surprise me much. If i go on like this, in the whole 2013 i will spend about24.000$ ! That’s a huge amount of money, more than i’ve ever spent before.

And why is that? Why? Well there is a name behind that reason: Miss Mira

She hit me like a storm, i would have never thought to find another Goddess as addictive as Sheena, as powerful as MsClassy, as smart as One Great Diva. But yet…i did. And there She is.

Each time i see her online, i can’t stop myself by letting her know i am online…i don’t contact her, trying to pretend i don’t want to go serve her. I also put up sort of silly “deadlines” to myself…things like “ok if She doesn’t order me to go in by the next 20 minutes, i’m going offline”. Silly, stupid games that never work. Because deep inside, all i want to do is see how She’s dressed, admire Her beauty, let Her play with my brain, let Her be as evil as She wants with me… like the other day when She convinced me to give Her my personal phonenumber, to torture me with messages even while i am at work…just to be sure my addiction doesn’t go any lower.

The only limit here, is my credit card. It has some limits (as every card) and i got close to them lots of times this month, as they are weekly limits…but when those limits reset and are far… all i want to do is go and see Her, go and let Her do anything She wants to my brain…

Last time i went to Her it was two nights ago. She was dressed incredibly as ever, with stockings and a short dress. I immediatly got more or less hypnotized, and only a “family” problem saved me from spending another fortune…but before logging off, She ordered me to spend money on another Goddess, as gorgeous as Her, as strong as Her. And so i did. I visited Kristal, a gorgeous Goddess that raped my wallet the night after that… and perhaps started to be part of my nightmares.

This isn’t going to stop…this is going to get stronger and stronger.